Anulation war

Our teams they survival before the timing.
Firsteball is a unfair wear and our teams as been atack twice…we don`t understand why.
Alfa e Ômega request the anulation of this ware.


#CDWWE у меня та же проблема, необходимо исправить ошибку до конца войны!

Anulation = Annulment? Cancellation?

I apologize, I don’t quite understand your first statement about survival. Clearly you think something unfair happened and you wanted to stop the war.

The only way to stop a war that I know of is for all defense teams to eat ALL their heroes (not recommended). This gets you a penalty-box treatment and each player who does this can no longer participate, but only spectate for the rest of the war.

Hope this helps for future similar situations. :slight_smile:

If all of your teams get defeated they will respawn again :slight_smile: