🧙 Anton – 4* Nature / Green from Tower of Magic

One could bring Mist to block the HP buff from happening. Or either version of Melendor to dispell it when it’s cast. Or bring C Sabina to prevent it or dispell it.

However, if you replace an Anton with Brynhild, that could be troublesome.

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¸How do you mean rarely?
50% for passive is far from rarely…
34% is revive is currently tied as second highest.

Chance for damage to all at very fast speed is also better than ROkkamush who is fast…
Again his miss chances are 50% (which is similar in the end to any target and nearby enemies)

You just need few more games with him for % to raise :wink:

Interesting to see so many positive comments about Anton. I pulled two of him yesterday and I did not think much of them. I even felt bad for having pulled him instead of other 4*. But after reading everyone’s analysis, I am beginning to feel Anton is much better than I originally thought.

I agree.
My post is based on 2 days of farming. I will definitely give him a month for regular farming and event and tournaments on offense. I am definitely hoping to see value in the long run, I will definitely LB him after C Mel if i am convinced. 50% miss is always a gamble like Wu, but i will track the hits pairing him with Almur and Marcel.

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I thought this was how it worked, but I believe that is not the case based on very limited testing and feedback from others. It seems the 50% chance of a heal only happens when you trigger the special at x 2 charge - so literally the opposite of how you expect it to work

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Yes that is how the heal works. Only when we fire the 2nd charge it heals, but if he is in a green stack it becomes useless. Situational but useful if he is the off colour hero.

I don’t get why it is a passive skill.
It should be another bullet point tacked onto the x2 special

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I think it is to group heros based on passives, there are other magic heros that have similar passives and it is easier to code as well and debug from a technical standpoint too. well SG is SG

How it is represented from the user interface perspective has nothing to do with how it is represented in the back-end. They can group common functionality however they want in the code and testing but it can be presented differently if it makes more sense that way

Awh thats a bummer! There goes my hype over him then. Well I still think he is a good hero and first of his kind for a 4* heroes. I’ve always wanted to have a reviver but cant get them 5* ones.

This hero is all about luck. And I did a whole rant about resurrection before. So not impressed by this hero at all

I got 2 of him, 2 of the yellow 4*, and a bunch of the 3*s. The yellow one seems terrible so I’m damn well going to use Anton and get mileage out of him otherwise the event it is a complete bust for me. Serious shame about the misleading passive though.

Anastasia works well if you can stack with that 4* red slayer who casts fiends. They both could ensure the fiends never end

Yeah but scraping fiends out at slow speed is just not enough impact. Meanwhile the first charge brings minions at 8% health - it is a complete waste of a special

I actually don’t get why everyone thinks the passive is confusing, it is written very clearly to me. From the start I’ve seen it as only when the hero castes the special. ‘on a special skill’. This just means the hero using the special. You can’t just hold the skill, they be broken af

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They could honestly word this better. And clearly they have appropriate wording if you look at the family bonus which reads:

“chance to cast +5% mana generation stack…when this hero casts their Special Skill”

This is less ambiguous and would make it easier for everyone to understand.

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It’s the same thing as baldur as well. He can’t just activate his damage every turn even when he has boosted health. He needs to activate his skill first before he can damage every turn. So same thing applies to this passive

Baldur doesn’t have a passive ability that’s a key difference. Anton on the other hand has a pretend passive ability

If you ignore his first charge that is ridiculous (it could be 125% damage to target and nearby enemies + 100 poison damage for 3 turns instead of missing so much). The second charge sounds promising since they load pretty fast. I still couldn’t figure if their 2nd charge is closer to slow or to average mana.

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Verdict after 4 weeks of usage, I have lost every raid i used him in Diamond with LB and +19.
No a single revival any of the raids and the heal doesnt help in the raids as much as it should. I moved back to C Mel +19 with success rate of 93%. Anton success rate is 7% overall. And today with 18 raids i had 0% success. He may be ok in 4* tournaments, but otherwise substandard hero for the hype.


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