Anti dodge heroes needed

Where, please tell me where I did this?

Not you - I meant the Acmeguy. I don’t mind disagreement, but his responses are constantly laced with malice and insult, as Ian487 already called him out for further up.

I don’t believe he was, @TheAcmeSalesRep really is trying to help and neither of you can agree.

So it’s best just to leave this subject and agree to disagree, if you have a point the developers will certainly acknowledge it and we can wait and see what happens.

In the meantime, try to follow the advice that’s been posted here and if you do get a pig try him out and let us know, we’d all love to hear.

Let’s just concentrate on other topics and enjoy the game, because after all this is a game and there is so much else to enjoy and be upset about.

We all have a passion about the game or we wouldn’t be here.

Nothing else to add from me.

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Thanks for the love, much appreciated. I don’t get your point though? I put together a team that nullifies C Kad. A team that pretty much anyone can put together (made up mostly of 4* healers). I could even replace Gulli with another hero and get almost the same effectiveness, if Gulli is your issue. But I really don’t get what your issue is at this stage.

Discussed over and over ad nauseum. Many, many counters. Some more effective than others, but all can be applied.

Many, many alternatives to Guilli have been discussed.

I don’t have C Kad, and neither does @TheAcmeSalesRep . I used to really want her. Now if I got her I wouldn’t level her. I don’t want a hero that is mildly effective in defense and won’t bring me anything in offense (I have used Lord Loki on her and I don’t like her special for offense at all),

He hasn’t bragged, he discussed an effective strategy that he personally uses - i.e. bringing relevant experience to the table. And please stop using the word “troll”, the way you use it is pretty derogatory. There is only one type of troll that is universally acknowledged


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