Anti dodge heroes needed

What happened to healers?

I have two maxed Sabinas waiting for costumes. Both of them haven’t seen action in such a long time, I can’t even recall the last time I used either of them. Hopefully I’ll get that costume one day. Until then, Malosi remains my only anti c.Kadi effective weapon, and I see c.Kadi a lot in raids and tourneys. But even at very fast speed, Malosi sometimes doesn’t charge in time to stop her, or I need his skill to counter some even more dangerous hero. Anyway, I doubt that, being average of speed, c.Sabina is an effective counter against c. Kadi. Can she block c.Kadi’s skill? Yes, undoubtfully! Will she charge in time to do that? Highly unlikely…

They sometimes are useless in bloody battle tournaments? Idk.

One effective means exists for both dodgers and fienders both… 4* healers! Gulli specifically ignores the dodge but if you arent killing through specials and you have good survivability then you dont care how often c kad casts. And as long as you have a heal ready you dont care about hana or liz

Gullinbursti ignores reflect which is garbage too, but hey worked great in aether quest!

Also ignores taunt…

He’s the OP version of Russell haha.

Guess he means healers nowadays got turned into feinds clensers, basically losing their main purpose of healing the team. Every time I fight Elizabeth I know my team won’t most likely get the much needed healing as it will be wasted to cleanse the feinds.

Sorry, no Guli for me, either… no Guli, no c.Sabina, I’ve said before, my only c.Kadi counter is Malosi. I guess people look at c.Kadi the wrong way, thinking about her as being a danger on her own. She’s not. Her special won’t kill you, won’t slow you or deny you mana, but it will sure stop you from killing her high damage dealing friends from killing you in time or block them from placing their crippling ailnents on your team. C.Kadi has her place on top defenses for a very good reason, and that is the lack of effective counter measures against dodge. Just like Elizabeth is dreadfull because her feinds have no counter at all, short of denying healing to your team.

If you have Russell then problem solved partially because he never miss

I hate fighting Elizabeth as much as anyone else but one of the new gargoyles is targeting fiend makers with 490% damage, which may mean she won’t be as common as she once was. And Esme works too, although I haven’t leveled her because she is just too niche and not as good as other healers in everything else.

Dodge however is on another level. I don’t know what they were thinking with ~50% dodge on fast speed for costume Kadilen. It’s obscene and seems much higher than that (I often see the entire team dodge a hit all special). There is no excuse for one hero being so dominant and overpowering on defense. We all know the usual defense teams at the top - Elizabeth, Morel, Frigg, C. Kadilen, some Odin, some Xnolphod, some Octros, but I dare say that none of those are as game changing as C. Kadilen. If she goes off, you simply lose the game.

Malosi is a counter but I don’t have him, and probably 99% of players don’t. Costume Sabina won’t go off on time unless you are extremely lucky. There is no real counter. What they did in Puzzle Combat (their other match-3 game) is there are heroes who simply remove all dodge bonuses as part of their special. I think that’s what E&P also needs. Dispel doesn’t cut it. Malosi doesn’t cut it. What we need is a few new heroes with this tacked onto whatever else their special does: “removes all dodge bonuses.”

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For Russel to be effective you need to boost his attack as high as possible, by using him only after, let’s say, Wu and Boldtusk or other alike combos are in effect. You’ll do good against dodge, but if you take Wu and BT against top defenses, you won’t do very good…

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Personally I think Russell is a piece of garbage, you need 2-3 of him to really use in that type of build (high attack up Wu/ ranvir, healing support (tusk, c. Rigard, Kiril / c. Kiril)… I don’t even have 1 but I would think a stand alone Russell wouldn’t make much of an impact anyways, cause by the time you use all those other buffs your other heroes can miss with specials… So you really need every attacker to ‘not miss’

Dodge and Blind should be 2 sides
Of the same coin.

They are not…

Blind can be cleansed. Hooray balance

A more probable outcome of this thread:
Blindness…that can NOT be cleansed

Hey, that gives Russel a bump!
And more like him in the future :nauseated_face:

Not to mention, how much $$$ the
un-cleansable blinder will haul…!

Hooray imba niches :money_mouth_face::drooling_face:

Very much so. Three Russels in sequence boosted by Wu + BT would be interesting as they fueled their own mana and do insane damage, but I don’t think anyone will ever max and emblem three of them.

I dont think he that bad he does need others around him to make valuable use of him, with c.kad marget dogde you bring a sort of red stack against them tiles will prob do majority of the damage even if they do fire tiles can still kill them anyway… Majority of dodge hero’s are green even jade n c.LJ aswell. :woman_shrugging:

I have mageret and Jade max, and if I compare those 2 mageret is a goddess. Liked her even before I got Jade to compare her and used her regularly even before she got buffed.

And you are right, I can’t dispel any buff from the mageret card because of the passive, but magerets dodge buff is dispelable without problems. As it effects more than herself, on those other heroes her dodge is dispelable.

You say there are no counters…but really this is just a complaint that YOU don’t have the counters…

C-Kadilen is a very nice hero. But she is far from game-breaking. There are many ways to counter her already in the game.


I would bet that C-Kadilen is far more rare than Malosi since he was HotM and she’s one of 20 in her portal.

I take BT against top defenses all the time. Not sure what you see as the problem there. Wu is not one I use in attack, but BT is a star.

I really just think you need to work on how you approach dodge heros. They are good, but heroes like Elizabeth can stand without them…while dodgers require great heros around them or they are irrelevant.

All enemies are immune to new buffs for 4 turns

I agree, I don’t have the exact right heroes to counter the dodge, so fighting against a team with C Kadilen is a true pain! Maybe I’ll get Chakoszrot someday though…

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