Anti dodge heroes needed

So when are the anti dodge heroes coming out? Dodge is out of control. Every top 100 team practically has costume kadilen. Fiends are finally getting a few counters. Out of control OP resurrections are finally getting a counter with one of the upcoming heroes. I know SG’s other match 3 has dodge, and it offers dodge prevention heroes too to counter them. Empires and Puzzles really needs a few heroes that add dodge prevention to their specials too.

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There was Russell last month.


Russell. There’s also dispeller heroes. Then there are the buff prevention heroes.


On that note–I don’t think dispels should be dodgeable, but they are. Kadilen summoning minions instead of actually getting dispelled like she should is a royal pain


malosi too and somewhat some villain heroes

dodge has many counters and strategies against it already.

waiting for the buff to go also works, i use it often and stall with healing or taunt mainly if i can’t kill the caster with tiles.


Dispells don’t work on dodge, just like all else, they can be dodged.

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True, the dispel can be dodged…can be. If the dispel happens to go through, then no more dodge buff. Casting a dispel is not 100%effective, but when it finds its way through, everyone else’s specials hit.


It was enough to add a dispell to Russell’s special with “it always hits the target” perk.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw a hero like that somewhere in 2022…

They’ll do everything to make people spend for new heroes and not settle for good old C Kadilen.

Even if that means they’ll murder few other heroes in the process like Inari, Margareth, Jade (ok, Jade is already dead).

Same happened to healers then to DoTs then to minions.


Dispells don’t work on SOME dodge.

You can dispel mageret or Jade just fine, they only dodge direct damage. Another reason why this Ninja is :poop:

Kadilen c, and inari can dodge the whole special skill including dispel.

It’s not only about the existence of means to counter, it’s also about their effectiveness and availability. Soon as dodge is active, there’s no 100% mean to counter it, so far, short of Russel. Buff blockers are rare, skill bockers, silencers and taunters, too, they’re out if reach for most players. Counters may be available, but as far as they’re paywalled and players don’t have access to them, well… you know where this is going… Same for feinds. Even if healers are available for everyone, using heal to get rid of feinds makes healing miss it’s main purpose (that’s healing). Effective means to counter won’t become widely available for the masses until the things they’re designed to counter won’t fall out of style, being replaced by some other new and deadlier contraptions, with no counter measures, just like those before them. It’s a vicious circle, a spiral that goes on forever…


Yes, that’s why nobody wants Jade and Margaret, while c.Kadi is “the thing”. After december’s HOTM will get maxed and emblemed, it will be lots of fun to have 50% of the defenses dodging specials like crazy. Add in some rogues in order to have a wonderfull gaming experience as all your specials go to waste…

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That is Margaret and nope, you cannot. Check her passive skill. She is still :poop:, though.


that the point of it…
also protection against buff dispelling is even more strict but it is not common yet (only belith costume, brynhild and zircon have it). players will complain more on it when it is seen more.

for all of them you have time to set up before the caster charges up and you can wait it out or risk trying to dispel it if it goes of… dodge isn’t 100% and when it is cast it is not a game over as some make it sound like

After a quick check, at this moment 9 defense teams in top 20 have c.Kadilen. Many of them LB. And I bet it’s not for her unsignifiant damage output. Might not be game over, as you put it, but dodge is one of the most significant defensive skills available, if not the most significant. And effective counter measures are scarce and hard to get.

Don’t colbot just bypass everything too? :thinking:

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Yeah, super easy to obtain hero too, I have your favorite number of him (zero)!


Margaret herself can’t be dispelled, but the heroes beside her can.

c-sabina is a good counter if charged before dodge heroes, or a afterwards, with some success depinding on dodging hero

What about Costume Sabina? I would not consider her out of reach for most players

Here are some heroes that are useful against dodge, and there were many good strategies offered in this thread.

FWIW, dodge is not the only mechanic that does not have a 100% effective counter, elemental link and stacks come to mind.


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