Antharas wants to merge alliances - 6 active members level 25-45

We’ve been active over 2 years and mostly full on 8* Titans, but recently had a split. We’d like to ramp up again, but having trouble getting critical mass.
Trying to keep our name, a few members might come back after a break, and it’s cool to have ~750 days joined! Could hyphenate though, we support blended families.
We try to use all flags on wars and get as many hits on Titans as possible, but stay pretty casual.
Used in-game chat for a long time, started using WhatsApp a little while ago, and one has Line if needed.

Thanks for your consideration!

We could be interested in a possible merger if you guys would like to join us, we have more coming after war. Hit me on line if interested ched_line

Heyhey bpg, it’d be cool if you want to merge to our alliance, we have about 19 members who plays often.

@bpg031000, I have an Alliance of 20-21 players that would like appreciate you guys joining us. Check us out Blind Leading Blind… Willing to change name or hyphenate as needed.

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