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good evening I wanted to ask but the skills of wu kong and cyprian against the titans or other battles add up or not? Hi Lisa


Wu Kong stacks for sure.


Lisa, what are you asking about WuKong and Cyprian?

WuKong is a beast when combined with certain other heroes (say Grimm/Tiburtus, or BoldTusk etc), and Cyprian can be used for Raid Defense (his usefulness has been debated by others).

WuKong stacks with other heroes. Cyprian does not.


Cyprian reflect foe’s damage, so it’ll not scale with team buff.


thanks rook so together against the titan they are useless


I just recently got my 1st Riposte hero and haven’t levelled him yet, so never tried to see if if the special is particularly helpful against Titans.

WuKong though, he’s absolutely helpful against Titans, even the yellow Titans in fact.


Well I use Cyprian’s reflect against Titans because until recently I didn’t have a better Purple. I am praying for Sartana! :grin:


You and me, both! :+1:

As for Cyprian against Titans, if Riposte is in effect for the three teammates, and Titan launches an AoE special, all three teammates would reflect damage back at him right? Minus any DoT effects of course.

…and apparently I don’t know how to correctly use quotes, lol…


I not nave spartana :frowning:


Yes. Titan will reflect 115% damage back 3 times. Just like riposte against aoe in events. So not totally useless, but you neednto be strategic with it


I use Obakan against titans and he works great. (he has counter, which is riposte just for him). The best way to use it is to not shoot off the special until you do not have a line of 3 tiles going into the weak spot, so the titan will not be stunned. If you shoot it off and then stun him 3 times, you have wasted the riposte.


Wu Kong does not affect damage dealt by riposte, or any damage over time effects.