Anserw for arien o zero

is my question addressed to ari or zero as you make a hero 5 * in a day? thanks if you answer LISA ITALY

a Hero’s stars never change. Are you asking how people level a hero so fast after getting them?

Well for older players who have max’d out the heroes they have and are waiting for ascension materials or new heroes, they fill up their hero cap and then train 3-4 training camps non-stop and leave the heroes in the training camp. Then if they get a new hero, they can level using hundreds of heroes in a single day.

I’m still in the multiple heroes per color to level, so it will be awhile before I know what that’s like.


I ascended a hero and leveled him 1 → 80 in a day or so. I had over a 1000 heroes in camps and roster and tens of trainer heroes saved up. Also all level 20 farms and level 20 tower to get loads of food.

The leveling is the easy part, what takes time is get those rare 4* ascension materials.



thank you very much for having responded to me you have been very kind and helpful

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So you never let a camp “finish” a training, this way you can collect heroes without have to use them right?

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I always queue more trainings in the camp. It will keep producing and let me queue new ones as long as the last one doesn’t complete. If the last one completes the button changes to “completed” and you can’t queue any new trainings until you have picked up all the completed ones.

Now one of them shows Collect 512/4269. If I click the collect-button it will collect so many heroes that my roster is filled to the hero cap. The rest will be left in the camp to be picked up later. This is a level 11 camp, so I am doing extra low cost trainings. It takes 2 hours to complete but only 2 recruits. So it is easy to queue much more trainings than it has time to complete.

I also have 2000 swords and 500 backpacks in inventory. So I can push out a huge amount of heroes pretty fast if I want to :slight_smile:

Currently I do level 11 trainings in 2 camps, one does level 20 and 4th camp is upgrading.

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I’m thinking this is one of those unintended game areas. Until they change it, go you! :wink:

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I don’t think this is the way the devs intended it to work, but it is the current game mechanic. They know about it and haven’t changed it. So it isn’t an exploit and every advanced player does it :slight_smile: