Anoushka – 5* Dark / Purple - March 2024 HOTM (Hero of the Month)

Yeah of course i got her *sigh…

Now i have the 3 most recent dark HoTM (turgruk - uthragan - granny). All still at 1.1 :roll_eyes:


Can we please retire or fix this tired sad special skill Sleep. Not one hero with this special is desirable. The skill was useless to begin with amd you keep trotting out heroes with the same useless skill! Why? Just why?


I see her particularly usedul vs a hippo or ginger type hero on wing.


Why do they say “all damage” when it’s the “next damage?”

Because it can be minion and fiend damage that doesnt wake the target


Mega minion hitting a sleeping target with +40% damage and not waking them seems wrong. Could be 1000+ damage.

Im not 100% sure that megaminion damage is treated in the same fashion. If it is then it makes her a bit more useful


It’s going to take someone to level her and let us know. That’s a good point. :blush: ty

I agree. This is my thought on pre-released thread:


That’s what I said in her beta release

Hey everyone! Here’s what I think about the new HOTM!


Bubbles is Gaillards cat is the same as Anoushka is Balbars ugly cousin. The first pair is worth using . If you use this hero it’s the hit after the sleep at +40 that has most effect. You can sleep a corner hero and tile dump in the opposite corner . Those are the best ways to use Balbars cousin

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I tested with Balbar - mega minions do not remove Sleep ailment.


So it’s a win if there is just a last enemy on a wing who is asleep and in the same time you have a mega minion goblin which will hit MIN 300 damage to the target… The only good point for this hotm

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then she is a super useful hero to pair with Mega Minions.

Sigh. :laughing: I guess I’ll be happy for beating the odds and being gifted with this month’s hero. With 11 coin pulls I was hoping for more than the koi pond menagerie of 3* feeders that flopped out of the portal with her.

She may be destined for the same as that 2020 monster of nonsense, Zulag. Of whom I got 3, no less. Riding the pine until I can SE her into a more useful hero. In the meantime I’ll write it off as typical for the RNG and remember, its trash like this that keep me F2P.

Edit: On further consideration, I see a redeeming factor in her damage boost. If you have reliable, heavy hitters, then I can see some benefit to her skills. Based on the heroes I have, it’s not enough to change my opinion of her utility. I’m happy to eventually being proven wrong, but that’s a bridge I’ve yet to cross.


How does your opinion help the community?

I think I’ve done summon for this month, with gaining Nanny A in the 1st summon of the month.

I think that Champion hero with 3 fiends followed by Anoushka could work… otherwise meh.

Pulled her. She won’t displace Diaochan on my main purple team for sure.

I could see some use on a second purple war team. She could disable a pesky hero on wing with sleep. Have to be careful not to use her with AoEs though…

(Edited, now that I know minions don’t wake the sleeper )