Another year and no party

This has been a terrible year for a very large mount of people every where.
It is my Alliances 3rd birthday and it would be nice if alliance leaders could get a little birthday cake
with a present in it that could be chaired out like with the jem pack.
Just a little something to say thankyou for all your help and encourage the more social side to the game.
When the jem packs come out a lot of my alliance like to buy them as all benefit and i think birthday cake will have a similar affect.


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Hey, i think we got some free string one time… what more do you want?

#playaparttogether is just another example of SGs contempt for its players… give some nonsense about community but don’t actually do anything for them

I love the idea of congratulating people who have played for a year…2 years…etc…
As a leader I would love being able to do this on our alliance anniversary.
Also would love to see players who have been playing for years get a pin or a guaranteed 5* token on their anniversaries.

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I think that any leader is only as good as the people around them so we should be able to show
them and getting a 5* would be sweet :¬)

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