Another Who To Soul Exchange topic

Hello everyone, thank you in advance.

I lack nature heroes. Mine are:
• Lianna + CB - a sniper with low stats and useless costume.
• Quenell, LB - I just use her everywhere.
• Lady of the Lake, LB - from older soul exchange. Fantastic hero.
• Elradir - useless trash.
• Zocc - situational but works fine sometimes in Very Fast modes.
• Kadilen - love her but… can’t say she’s strong. Also can’t say she’s better than costume caedmon.
• Viselus - just got him but… feeling i wont ever use him. Low damage + that weak dot. Destroying minions is just okay but I have Grimble that will kill ALL minions for the same speed. :unamused::roll_eyes::nauseated_face:

And… that’s it. I refuse to max Horghall and Elkanen without at least one of their costumes.

I have 11 souls and was decided to skip this SE because i would skip Albie.

But now, Grace is avaible.
I feel she would pair nicely with my 2 C. Marjanas and Quenell because of her special skill defense down. And she’s fast! So sounds 99999 times better than Viselus. I have been watching top players videos and they do use Grace a loot in events and wars.

I’m in a big dilemma now. But I have the patience… I could just wait for next SE and see. Note I’ll probably have 15 souls next time.

Please help.

  • Pick Grace!
  • Wait next SE.

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imo, as you have Quenell, she can pair nicely with Grace. Grace can soften the enemies and Quenell can hit harder if you time them right. Also, Taunt heroes are plentiful, so an anti taunt is nice


I have a fully emblemed and limit broken Grace, and I would say she’s okay, nothing more. Her value goes up a little in raids if the opponent has a taunter, but overall she’s decent at best.

If you can find the patience to wait for the next soul exchange, where you will almost certainly be able to afford a hero from the 15 tier, perhaps even the 20 with some luck, then that would be my pick.

But if you just can’t (sometimes the excitement of new stuff is just too strong :laughing:) then Grace is certainly not a bad pick, especially with your current green roster. I would still suggest waiting for the next one though.


Thanks voters.
Special thanks to @Photon & @Lunacinda for further elaborate.

I decided to wait. I was considering Grace because of SS defense down but I can wait.

I forgot about little girl Mist… who can also do that and -64% mana slow, an effect that aged pretty well. With her costume coming soon, I think she will be enough for that.

I’ll accept Viselus for now, even he’s weak. I have 32 tonics anyway.

Thanks. I’ll buy 5 deck spaces and wait. :sweat_smile:


Definitely wait. Viselus is a luxury that you honestly do not need by the looks of things. I would hang on to those tonics and see if something better comes along.

Just one gamer’s opinion

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:


I say definitely pick Grace in case you have Almur as well. An example war team of mine (works just as well with Almur):


  • Grace introduces that extra needed middle hit and special skill defense down for Quenell to be really effective and bring home the final kill
  • Almur-Grace-Quenell usually means 3 opposing heroes killed in a war or raid battle, from there it is almost a certain win
  • Works as well in a green legendary event team, makes it more effective

I think with SE yah kinda know if you will or not i have 22 to swap … Iv never done it. It be like bang need that, can use that emblem, that lb that …
As no idea when ill havee the opportunity again

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I chased grace when she was hotm didnt get her. I no longer want her.
At 10 souls she isnt to badly priced but there is likely to be a better nature next SE.

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Thank you☺️
I’ll max him because… well… why not. I just need any greens to have enough people for wars. He will have better stars than my Kadilen as well. But yea i know, he kinda sucks.

Wish i had him but no luck there too. I’m a catastrophe in Nature. I’ll wait his costume release to try some pulls in Valhalla for him.

Hah, true. I’ll have 2 opportunities to get good greens: fated summon and May 2023 Soul Exchange. I can wait.
Even viselus ends up collecting dust, I have 32 tonics. As a f2p… well… that means infinite tonics.

Thank you everyone for the 2 cents!

I would deffo pick Hatter if I could.

Then just pick hatter. There are many exotic and dangerous buffs coming soon. Even with the weaker stats, what he does is unique and valuable. He is Loki before lord Loki exists.
But he is still a luxury hero. If you don’t have your foundational heroes in place, then pick grace. If not the next SE
Also viselus isn’t that bad if you have bera, or hope she’s in the next FS. Once she sets up her moths, it’s an easy 10% health boost every turn. Pads up her tankiness