Another who to level thread... ice versions

So I bought the last farsight scope I needed to level a blue hero. I’m really torn and dont want to waste attention materials. Its between King Arthur, magni and aegir. What do you all think??Screenshot_20181122-232753_Empires|243x500

Magni only shines in the final ascension, arthur is great for titans and aegir is done once you get him to 3/70. Since you have Alasie maxed i would be more inclined towards Arthur…(i’m a fan o big titan hits)

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Thank you!

I pretty much agree. Arthur first IMO. If you didn’t already have Alasie maxed, I’d have suggested Magni first, but the color debuff will be more useful than a second blue sniper. Magni straight after Arthur though, unless you luck into Isarnia or Athena in the meantime.
So far, I’d likely not put unfarmable resources into Aegir, but I would want to get him to 2/60 and play around a bit more for myself before making final decisions about going further.

I agree. Leave Aegir aside unless you love him, and have found a solid place for him on your team. He can wait in line, ahead of Thorne, but a toss up between him and Richard.

King Arthur would be the better option out of the choice of him or Magni, for the defense down on ice- especially since you already have Alasie maxed. Him, paired with Alasie and Grimm, will be awesome for titans.

Do Magni next for raid offense and defense. Unless you pull Athena when she returns, or Isarnia if you don’t- those are the only two blues I’d put ahead of Magni (that you wouldn’t already have maxed). Then, Misandra after Magni. & Possibly Aegir after Misandra (but I’d do Rumpel before him probably too).

Thanks everyone! Arthur it is!!

I’ve always liked and wanted Arthur. Enjoy playing him.

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