Another "Who to ascend next..." Thread

Here is my Hero roster:

I know that I can see the grades of my heroes on Anchors’ list but I want to hear practical information from you like “Oh, my! Why did you ascend him over her! Go on, and ascend her, now! Please!”

I’ve got some of my heroes lately but at the beginning I’ve only chosen who to ascend by the looks or only by their specials. The mana speed or the points (ATK, DEF, HLT) I ignored. :-/

Sorry for my bad English!

It also seems that you are upping lot of heroes but doesn’t finish thems. It’s quite a big mess. I prefer to upgrade my heroes 1 by 1 to the maximum i can get.
Do you have a shortlist of heroes you want to upgrade ? Because if not, that will be a very tough choice x)

The most ascended heroes are the ones I concentrated on, now. But I’m missing most of the materials. That’s one reason for my ascending different heroes (and their use in the war).

Only the yellow 5* I can upgrade soon because there’s only one more mat to go. But the others… :-/

I would Up Caedmon and Sonya in my opinion, you will need dispellers for sure (mostly against elena, Cyprian, Boril, Wukong, and other annoying buff) , you can also up Sabina.

Try to ascend those heroes, they are useful on titans.
I have an ascended Gregorion and I don’t feel like suggest you to ascend him right now…
Save your green materials for Caedmon with is a solid 4* sniper and try to get a green Atlantis 5*

Side note: going to the last ascension is a good way to use your efforts, it’s better than spreading levels across all of your heroes.

You can also leveling by color and by stars to decrease your leveling time (x10 1* heroes of the same color to level up the special and x10 2+* heroes of the same color to save some meat)

Thx for your help. I will do this. My thoughts in leveling several heroes at a time were to fight in war with many teams.

Leveling by color is the one I did the whole time. :slight_smile:

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