Another "who to ascend first" question

I’ve got a fully ascended Boldtusk, Kelile is almost there at 56 I think (I know lotta folks don’t like her) but now that my 1st T.C. is at 20 I’ve gotten Azlar (2nd attempt!!) and also have, either from summons or T.C. 13 attempts, Gormek, Lancelot, and 2 Scarletts (one of which is 3/60). I’m thinking finish my first Scarlett but then, to me, it seems the choice is between Azlar and Lancelot. Am I wrong for discounting Gormek? Obviously I’ve been overloaded with reds from the jump and it’s making it very difficult to decide who to focus on next. Any help will be appreciated!!

I’m going to get a lot of hate for this but Azlar maxed is a beast, he’s an absolute monster. One of the hardest hitting heroes in the game.

On the other hand Lancelot is okay.


How did you get Lancelot from TC?

I didn’t, he was my very first summon I actually paid for with gems. I may have worded something incorrectly, sry if so.

No problem. Probably I read wrong. TC or summons. Reading too fast and skipped words. :slight_smile:

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He looks like he would be, TylerDirtyn, and if his mana wasn’t slow, I wouldn’t even be questioning the decision. He’s my very 1st 5* and I wanna run with that but…Almost everyone I’ve focused on so far has had fast mana and the couple that don’t, are at least normal. I’m Torn!!! Lol

The question here is where are you on ascention materials?

If you have like 5 or 6 rings, then I’d go Azlar. If you have four or less, you’re probably at least a couple of months from getting enough. In that case, sidebar Azlar (who is very solid), and I’d personally work on Gormek, then Lancelot, and then a Scarlett.

If you don’t have any other Ramming Pulverizer attackers (Grimm or Tibertus), then Gormek’s special is tremendously useful. If you have one of those other two, I’d probably go Lancelot before him.

Realistically, you’re going to be using BT as your primary red until (and maybe even then) Azlar comes online.

And Kelile is perfectly fine, but as you see, there are so many other good red 4*'s that she just doesn’t stand out.


It will take a while to get 6 rings so I would ascend Scarlett while slowling ascending Azlar. Scarlett has a fast mana and she hits good. Pair her with Boldtusk and you are good. Azlar becomes very useful around 3/70. Use a red team with Boldtusk, Azlar, Scarlett, Kelile and Lancelot.

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Thanks Issac, that makes sense. Rings have been about the most difficult thing for me to come by and as of now I’ve only got 3 sets. Gormeks defense drop is obviously very valuable…I was afraid someone would tell me to go with him next, Lol. Idk why, he just doesnt really appeal to me, I suppose mainly due to his lowish stats, however, if I can keep him alive long enough to get his special off, he’d be invaluable. Especially considering I don’t have any other pulverizers. Great advice bud, ty.

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Understandable. I have a Gormek that I haven’t leveled, but I’ve got a fully leveled Grimm and another one on third ascention.

I’m waiting on rings for Azlar, too, but use BT as my primary red with Kelile and Falcon backing him up, so Gormek is taking a far back seat.

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Makes sense. Bet you do some serious damage to green and red Titans (although I have a hunch you switch out 1 or 2 of those for red Titans). Really, it sounds like the only thing Gormek would help a team like yours with would be even More damage against green Titans. Considering I’ve been stuck using Valen for his defense drop (had no alternative) I’m taking your advice and working on Gormek next. Thanks to all that commented, I really do appreciate the great advice!!

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Yeah, those are my bread and butter titans, for sure.

I think you’ll find that Gormek will win you a lot of second and third AW fights, too, because he’ll make your back-up heroes hit harder.


Sounds like a dream fire team but I think it would be even more devastating if I were to put Lancelot between Gormek and Azlar. Maybe a year from now lol. Left to right would be Gormek, Lancelot, Azlar, Boldtusk, Scarlett. Green meannies won’t know what hit em! Lol.

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So, you could put up a really nice score every fifth titan…and for my next trick, Rocky…better get a new hat.

You have to look at your full team here. What do you do with this team/roster? Every day you are farming. Have you finished the map? Are you filling both monster and hero chests twice daily?

More importantly, are you able to finish the rare quests? If you need rings to finish Azlar, you need a team that can win them.

Gormek has never been maxef by me, but you may need to push him if you have no other hero to debuff defenses. Having only three rings makes this feasible as you should get four more blades by the time your last set of rings drops.

That is part of team building.

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Lol, yeah that fire team thing was a joke Bud. As I said I’ve got my Boldtusk, whom I almost always use, then for my defense team, I’ll use Kasshrek, Cyprain, Chao, and either Kelilie or Gunmar. I have no blue 4* yet, and in fact until yesterday, had no other 4*s at all. I just got Caemdon and Little John. Have to say, leaning toward Caemdon again, speedy hard hitter. Other than my many spare reds, I don’t have alot of options, and as I stated, even on Titans I’d bring Valen along since I had no other heros that could drop somebody’s defense.

Oh and yes Bud, I finish the quests with no problems. Really, as far as which red next was concerned, I was asking partially for general map usage as well as Titan power hitting. Season 2 on hard is too costly for me (battle item wise) so I stopped at 1-6. Of course ran through the three available provinces on normal with no problem. Gotta finish province 23 season 1 when I feel like it but, although challenging, I’m sure I can do it. Lately I’ve been farming 1-5 or 6 seaaon 2 on hard for backpacks and season1 8-7 for recruits. Got the loot ticket deal to speed my hero leveling along.

Gormek doesn’t hit the hardest but he is a great tank…he will survive due to his large health stat. That said, mine is staying at 3/60 for a while since I pulled BT and have Grimm. If you don’t have Grimm or Tiburtus absolutely go with Gormek.

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Thanks Rduke, as badly as I want to get started on Azlar, Issack and yourself have me convinced (I really should’ve known) that I need a guy that can drop enemy defense. Appreciate the advice!

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FYI on backpacks. Just dropped 3 on 12-9.

One other thing, Lancelot’s attack buff doesn’t stack with Boldtusk’s. Not a deal breaker, but it’s something you have to manage to get the best value out of them.

Seeing the rest of your team, I can understand why you’d be hesitant to bring Gormek up - you need some hitters! With BT, Cyp, and Kash in the mix, you only have two heroes that actually hit. In my opinion, Caedmon should be first priority for you.

Maybe you’ll pull Tiburtus or Grimm while levelling Caed…

A lineup like Caedmon, Boldtusk, Kashrek, Gormek, Chao looks pretty good.

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