Another "Who should I do now/next"?


Friar Tuck (Ascension 3: Level 9)
Rigard (Ascension 1: Level 36)
Li Xiu (Ascension 3: Level 1)
Karil (Ascension 3: Level 9)
Kailani (Ascension 2: Level 21)
Mnesseus (ascension 2 lvl 1)
Graymane (Ascension 1: Level 18)
Azar (Ascension 1: Level 19)

Brienne (a second one)

If you could say the next 3 or 5 or exact order of all you think i should concentrate on, i’d greatly appreciate it.
The reason I put some on each was for when there is a Titan event, i could use multiple colours and not die too easily.
I understand to stick with 3* for now since Idon’t have the stuff to do my 4 and 5 ones. But who should I do so I can have at leatst a good couple of attack/def team combinations for stuff like wars?

You did the right thing by maxing some 3* first, and the one you maxed are pretty good !

Green : Finish F.Tuck, he is almost there. Then Mnesseus and pray for a green 4*, it would be nice for you :rofl:
Red : Finish Azar and pray for other red, like Hawkmoon or a 4*
Purple : Get Rigard to 3/60. If you have the trap tools, max him, he is the best 4* healer!
Yellow : Finish Kailani, her skill is very useful in a lot of situation, like the final boss of season 1. Get Li Xiu to 3/60. Max Melia. Get Li Xiu to max if you have the mats.
Melia is very strong and useful and a 3/60 Li Xiu will do you good for a few time, no worry to max her right away even if you have thw mats. Only then, touch GanJu
Blue : Finish Karil. Max Valen. Get Miki to 2/60 (see notes). IF you have no other 4* blue, touch Agwe. Stop with Greymane, unless you have no other project, he is bad, at best :rofl:
With Rigard and Li Xiu at 3/60, you will havea very good core to play along. The 3* you have a great and will depend on the situation.
Mnesseus and Belith for dispel will be very useful
Bane hits very hard and against boss, his blind is very good.
Valen and Ulmer defense down will make everyone on your team stronger and if you fight low * titan, they will help your team.
Melia special skill helps a lot with tile damage and can save your a$$ if it kicks in :grin:
Nashgar hits hard and is DoT is useful
Azar mana down is one of the most precious skillset in the game. Every special skill triggering mana or stopping special skill are wonder.

Also, i hope you are part of an helpful alliance to kill titan, take part in wars and have helpful tips from your alliance member. The alliance playing (titan, war) is a great way to acquire ascension materials. If you are not in an alliance, check the ingame chat or #alliance-recruitment

If you have other question, feel free to @ me and check the #player-guides, ad there is some very useful tips there

The Miki case

Although it is not advised to level a 5* before a 4*, your 4* is kinda bad and Miki is kinda a diamond to be polished. Is usefulness against titan will be huge and, again, will help a lot against titan. In other area, like PvP and PvMonsters, his effect won’t really be useful as the hp requirement can be a letdown. Anyway, you should give him some love if you don’t have the luxury of getting another 4* other than Agwe. Get him to 2/60 at first, and get to Agwe then.


Very thorough and well thought out. I don’t think there’s anything I can add.

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Sadly I don’t have any other 4 star blues, just those 2.
I have almost finished Azar now (we had a green titan so I used my max Nashgar and concentrated on Azar - she is now Fully Ascened and Level 15, with 5/8 special). I will finish Friar after. My Friar just always seems to die so easy in anything (no matter where I place him, he seems to die so fast so I stopped using him ages ago). And I didn’t used to appreciate heroes who reduced Mana on the enemy, but since using Azar against the previous titan, wow it helped a lot. Sometimes I would get stupid and end up using her when he had just used the special, so then I headbutted the desk haha. But learning is a good part of this.

Oh and Greymane, yeah I haven’t touched him for a long long time. The only reason I started on him, was cos I maxed Ulmer and then I guess he was something different (and the healing of the caster sounds great)… but again, he dies so fast (though that might be due to him not being leveled). My experience so far has been the AI seem to target Friar and Greymane for my setup. So I stopped using them lol.

I have also got 3 TC set to 11 or above, and I am doing fast common/uncommon. I don’t want to do any Lvl 13 ones yet til I have maxed a lot more of these that I have - would you guys say that is the smart/best thing for me to do? Or would you say use 2 for the feeders and still do one for the lvl 13 ?
I feel that for now, using all 3 so I can get lots of fast feeders would be the most efficient. I have plenty of adventure kits (i think about 250 left now - I currently have about 60 being trained in each camp so 180 total).

I rally appreciate your reply btw, thank you so much and to any further ones by you and anyone else.
It’s annoying how addictive this game is haha

I am almost at 300 gems, and I will most likely wait for a Ice Elemental Summon and try for someone better/else (4*). I notice they are very random, I had 2 or 3 back to back Fire ones, then the next time I had Dark, followed by Holy. I assume these are completely random?

Not a bad strategy, good luck with the pull

To answer the question, the order of the elemental summon colours isn’t random, it’s just one of he nice bits on this infographic from the 7DD team (on right side)

Thanks by the way.
I decided to be an idiot and used my gems on a Dark to see who I could get lol. Was hoping for what’s his name: Cyprian – the guy who does the counter attack.
I ended up getting Prisca. Basically the Dark version of Graymane lol. I will ignore both of those and only use them in wars, when I run out of heroes to use, but to try get a few extra points. This is what you get for being impatient haha. My own fault.

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