Another who gets tonics qns

Who should I ascend between The Hatter, Toxicandra, Tarlak, Mother North and Bertila?

I have Lianna, Zeline, Telluria, Evelyn, Francine, Heimdall and Frigg maxed.

Titan Wise Tarlak
Taking into consideration all your maxed green. Then The Hatter hands down!

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If you have Alfrike, I’d recommend Mother North. Alfrike and double rezzer at the wings in VF wars.

Tarlak for titans.

Tox for average healing.

The Hatter for fun experience on offense.


Tarlek his titan job at 3/70

MN can be a game changer


Thanks all. It’s down to MN and Hatter.

Depending on titan level. 12* titans, 3.70 tarlak dies to easy IMHO.


Use tarlek and miki on 14s and mythic , both are at 3-70.

Does mean I’m using mats too help them stay alive more than if they were maxed, few time stops are easier to come by than ascension mats atleast for me.


Yep. Sooner or later, you’ll find them best fully ascended, and perhaps some emblems. While I agree that use of certain battle items to make them survive longer are waaaaaay easier to obtain, you’ll notice a difference of your titan score better with them maxed since you spend less time healing them or using battle items. I don’t have Tarlak, but I noticed that with Miki who was at 3/70 for quite some time but only decided to ascend and fully max him last year. Miki was the one of the 5* who taught me to hoard ascension mats by placing legendaries at 3/70 first before finally ascending them because I am was finally convinced they are worth the mats.


I have a +7 Alfrike. No more emblems so didn’t put her in vf war defense.

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Totally agree, in my case I have Miki at 3/70, I fight 11-12* titans and I do not see the need to give him the mats, I guess the same will be with Tarlak. Sure you have to be careful, as he will die easily, but it is manageable.

I vote for MN, as it was said she is a game changer, will be usefull in VF wars and tournaments together with Alfrike.

For me the Hatter is ok, but I would treat him as an usefull addition to the squad, not a game changer.

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