Another war bug

Ive posted this before and its no big deal but i will post again. In aw alby resurrected people. Then alby was about to launch again so said player fled to prevent any more dead from rising. Upon completion (after fleeing the fight) the heros alby brought back were counted as dead.

Also out team is still attacking the dead

Were the fight with Alby reffered to the first fight, or a later fight? If a hero died in a previous fight and Alby revives them in a later fight, they will only be seen as revived in that particular (later) fight. If you lose/flee, the revived heroes turn dead again. It was deemed to OP for Alby to revive heroes permanently.

Really? This is the first ive heard of this. I must have missed that update when it happened. So that is 100% how alby is suppose to work?

If we are talking about the same thing - heroes killed in a battle getting revived in a later battle, and/but turning back to dead again after that battle - I think it’s been that way since the beginning of war (possibly a decision during beta), or at least from the very early days.

It is the same as with healers. If heroes have half hitpoints at the start of a battle and the healers (or enemy aid) heals them to full health, they still are half health for the next attack. It does makes sense, since points are measured by hitpoints, it would result in negative points if you leave a team with more hitpoints than at the start. This way you score 0 points instead of -10 when a healer heals or Alby revives someone.

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Here’s a source, if you or anybody else are interested:

Continuing the discussion from Alliance Wars Approaching (Details & Information)!:

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Thanks for the info @Ornery