Another update? Why?

Another update? And now what changed? They carry 3 in 3 days.

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It’d be nice if they’d bump the emblem drop rate. If they’re falling a few at a time, they might as well make them guaranteed in chests.

It’s going to take forever to get enough to max even one hero at this rate.

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If you look in the app store, they say why theres a new update. :wink:

“∙ Various bug fixes and smaller improvements”

It’s going to be that no, when they get a new version yes, no updates.That is not saying anything.

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…you think that’s “why there’s a new update”?

Usually developers like… actually tell us what they’re changing/fixing.

Even their main support site doesn’t say… there might be a new line in the old announcement? Said “New Class Quests added.”.

…but yeah… even after reading that thing, I have no clue what they updated.

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Pertaining to the new heroes being here, theyre still fixing issues you peraonally might not be, but others are. If its a small coding fix, theure not gonna announce it. Lbvs

That is from the release of the new version. They have updated at least twice more and now another. If they have repaired anything, I think we would like to know what.

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This is the kind of update notes that I’m accustomed to.

You really think that it’s helpful to know that “Various bug fixes and smaller improvements” happened? It tells us only that they’re actively working on the game. Literally, that’s it. Nothing more.

What bugs were fixed? What part of the game was ‘improved’?

@Petri Any chance y’all might be able to expand on these smaller changes? It’d definitely give us peace of mind to know what’s being altered - we don’t need precise numbers, but to know what was changed really is quite helpful.

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Effectively. What you show is to be serious and respect customers, information.

Wow. You guys are the kinda customers that complain about not enough Ice in their drink after they leave it sit for 30 min.

No need to change update description is the title still fits.


I do not appreciate the insult.

It could also be that I am extraordinarily active on the wiki and would like to know when things change so that the information that I am disseminating is actually accurate. Because of that, I chime in here, not as a complaint, but out of a true desire to know.

I 100% do not appreciate the insinuation and humbly request that you remove the commentary on my (and others’) personal attributes and stay on topic instead, please.


Its not an insult, but further represents my comparison.
@Rigs, you know anything?

Im beyond active reading on here, as well as 7DD Line, and on the videos posted to youtube. :wink: No DMC needed.

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And another update was released today to fix war chest issues:

Current android version: 18.0.2 Build 885

@CheTranqui does this answer anything for you? Let me know if you need more info

Also wars and regular titan loot won’t reward emblems. Only rare titans, chests, and class quests reward emblems as of right now.

A few of the things that were updated in the small additional releases:

EDIT: I just remembered one more (FYI @CheTranqui):


Exactly as stated. Small bug fixes. Idk why its so confusing, and all this is found in the forum. Thank you @Rigs. I play on a phone and its difficult to like pages and things.
Thanks to you as well @zephyr1


That [SOLVED] means it’s been incorporated into a patch, then?

What a curious way to announce it. Thank you - that is precisely what I was looking for, it looks like. I’ll go scour the Bugs & Issues forum. Never had a reason to visit that one, yet.


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I’m on a phone as well. Google chrome is best way I’ve found to use forum on android. It’s getting easier the more i do it but yea not ideal as a pc. Anyways, no problem, always happy to help where/when i can

I use it too. I guess youre more of a beast on it than me. Haha.


Can you link me to the wiki page this info is needed for?

Also rumor has it level 37 increases hero storage by 2 slots and haven’t seen that in guides or announcements either, may be useful to know for wiki.

@_John_Doe is investigating it, he’ll confirm when 100% that’s the case

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