Another thread about mats

First full set of white 3* ascension mats and question: who should be full?

  1. Wu Kong
  2. Li Xiu (+costume)
  3. Chao
  4. Mist
  5. Sif (to 3/70).

I am looking towards mist, since I do not have Hansel or proteus yet, and 3/60 Wu Kong can survive a hit from 7* titan.

Wu can indeed survive hits from smaller titans at 3-60 so if you are not planning on moving alliances anytime soon and your alliance is stable at 7-8* titans, you can definitly leave him there at 3-60

If that is the case then yes, Mist is definitly the best option of the others… I would do Wu Kong as priority next tho.

I wouldn’t bother with Sif for a little while yet… not until you have all the materials needed to take her through to 4/80…

Some general advice regarding Hero Levelling:

And a good thread on the vast benefit of Titan Damage Boosters:

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I read this) but point about Sif - she is a counterattacker and can help me to finish many events (like costumes), when talked alongside maxed Boril, Melendor, Boldtusk and Rigard)
I do not have Cyprian yet)

Do you already have about 15 maxed epics? Yes, then go for Sif, else that should be your goal before doing legends.

Wu should become 1st priority to get more orbs from titans. He’s very bad @60 and probably will die on 4 of 5 titan hits.

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