Another tank question

Sorry for making a thread, but i have so many ? at the moment

I have:
richard with c, vela
Mitshuko jean
Seshat clarisa

All this heroes can go to 17-18 talents. richard tank? Atomos, mitshuko? Where can i go as far as a defensive raid team?

What’s your question?

Sorry, the top post should include a questin now :slight_smile:

I think richard with costume would make a decent tank.

Ok thanks. Was considering new atomos center with vela flank or richard in the center with mits and atomos flanks.

Atomos did not scare people in the past and hopefully will get more respect with the buff. If Atomos is your tank, you might be able to punish people if they attack with a few reds with Vela Flanking. I think I’ll leave this question to other experts. The Vela, Atomos, JF might work. Joon and Seshat would be in the corners.

See: Forum ToS of my reply

I would setup a lineup as such:
Seshat - JF - Richard - Atomos - Joon

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