Another sad rage quit. SG you need to listen

People tend to forget that people play games to have fun.
Constantly losing to what looks an unfair battle takes away that fun and the frustration level increases.

I am in the same boat. I HATE raids. In my view there is nothing fair in it.
I play with the best heroes that I have (the ones that the game gave me), I pick the best adversary that I can (based on what the game chooses for me) and I play with the board that the game gives me

These days out of 6 games wining two is a good round, and getting 10-15 kills is an excellent score.
It doesnt matter what I do, choose different adversaries, try to adapt my team, the end result is always the same.

The game has a biased interest for us to lose. Because if we lose we have the temptation to spend money to try to get that better hero.

For me it does the opposite. It frustrates me, in some games after 4 or 5 turns I know the game is already lost, its that predictable, and I refuse to spend money that deliberately frustrates me by making me lose unfairly.

The raid system should be totally in favour of a live player. You want to keep it happy imo.
And currently its not and its getting worse.


Actually, raids are in favour of the attacker (“live player” ) because you get to choose the heros to attack with. Bad boards aside, any team can be beaten - that’s the challenge!

I’m not sure how the game “makes you lose unfairly”? You can’t win all battles. I’m having more success stacking 3:2 than using a rainbow defense when my opponents TP is 400-500pts higher.

Not sure what strategy you are using, but there are some great threads on the forum worth a read. Hope your luck changes - cheers.


As Sarah said Raids favor the attacker. It’s why the “low level players beating high level players” complaint comes up in this forum often, because the “low level player” can choose their attack team according to their attacker’s weaknesses. Provided they have the bench, and with the way raid matchmaking works (matches you on a trophy range), then usually you will have the bench. The exception is when you encounter a cup-dropper who just set their strong team again, or someone who has been inactive for months.

With that said, yes, I myself also dislike raids. Honestly they take so much time to do, you can’t auto them the same way as map levels. I get why you can’t… but that still doesn’t change that they’re the most time consuming part of the game. Then you add the fact that there’s weekday raid tournaments, and it adds up in time.

I myself have stopped raiding, unless I need to fill my raid chest. Use all tournament attacks for that, then use remaining raid flags. Those blue flasks will be collecting dust until the weekend for me, when I actually have time to fill the chest more than once a day.


We need a better term than “rage quit” for when the reason for the rage is silly.

Hissy quit?


Imo raids are very frustrating. From the very beginning, the game doesn’t give you all the chances to fill the friggin hero chest. You need to kill 40 heroes so even if you win all battles you still have to wait another 2 hours for two extra chances (yes, ftp here…).

The cup system is all over the place. I have one non maxed 5* and four maxed 4* in my defense team. When the game feels like it, it will show 40+ cups for defeating a strong team. Sometimes tho I find a team with four or five emblemed 5*, serious hitters like Gravy, Sartana and others, and the game decides that team is only worth 15-20 cups… I’m glad there’s a reroll button for those ocasions but still, makes me wanna yell at the programmers of the game.

I hate raids tbh. I wouldn’t even participate if it wasn’t cuz I need ascension items. But then again, I fill a raid chest every single day. It’s one’s decision in the end.

If your leader was in my clan and told us the game is too frustrating and it’s time to leave I wouldn’t have laughed at him/her like some people here are doing. I understand the frustration that comes from RNG games. I think it’s good he/she’s leaving, especially if the game has started to affect him/her on a psychological level.


Actually it’s pretty straightforward. Gained/lost cups are calculated basing only on comparison of current cups count, team power or anything else doesn’t matter.

And the explanation for weird cup difference is cup dropping. Strong player sets a weak defense and hits the pillow. They get raided overnight by weaker players and have low cup count. Now it’s easy to fill hero chest because the system gives you easy opponents, and the other chest in the evening just taking your revenge. Then you set a weak defense for night and you know the rest.


It’s all about the difference in trophies between you and the defender.

  • At equal trophies, you win or lose 30 on the match.
  • If you have more trophies than the defender, you will win few trophies on a win and lose many on a loss.
  • If you have fewer trophies than the defender, you will win many trophies on a win and lose few on a loss.

The trick is to reroll for opponents where the trophies on offer are commensurate with the difficulty of the fight. Or to just ignore the trophies altogether and focus on chest filling. In that case, reroll for fights you are likely to win–irrespective of how many or few trophies are on offer.


How are people saying weaker teams are beating them? They have no idea what power team attacked them. Silly.


Oh yeah cup droppers, I forgot about them :sweat_smile: @grzechol You’re right.

Thanks for the explanation @Garanwyn I usually focus on number of cups gained and I usually pick teams who give +40 cups per win because like other people already said, attackers have the advantage in raids. I just thought it was odd that a strong team with a Gravy in it was only worth +15 cups.

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You misspelled “really annoying” :laughing:


I’m just trying to be less complain-y… is that even a word? :joy:

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EVERYONE hates Alby-GM-Guin-Kage-MoNo teams at 2400 cups. They make baby Jesus cry.


A few months ago, that was exactly my experience. I had risen to Platinum cup level, and I would attack up, get knocked down, do revenge raids, and struggle to fill a chest. Sometimes it would take me 15+ flags to fill a chest. It was frustrating. I swore at my phone. If I had a cat, I would’ve sworn at it, too.

Now, a few months later, I’ve managed to level up a good variety of 4* heroes. I have more food than I need so I make judicious use of the reroll button, and I’ve gotten pretty good and knowing what combinations I can mount a successful attack against. I’ve also gotten better at picking the right combinations of my heroes to feel like I’m making a good attack.

Before starting this post, I didn’t look at my win-loss record, but I’ll open up the game and look now. I’ll count the attacks and revenges that I initiated, because those reflect the battles I’ve picked… enemy raids on my defense and their revenges are not directly related to my skill at the game, so I’m not counting those.

My current Raid Log shows 20-8 wins/losses… and I’m currently on an 11-raid winning streak.

Part of what still frustrates me - and this is going to sound silly - is that my defense team is getting too good. :wink: It keeps my cups too high, and I have to reroll quite a bit to find a matchup I’m confident enough to win, to add points toward my hero chest without wasting a flag. Sometimes I still bounce off an enemy team. But these days, it is rare that I will go 0-3 against any given opponent.

I’m not some special genius at this game. I just plugged away, got better, made my heroes better, and through repetition I’ve just gotten better at making the puzzles work. Sometimes the board’s randomness is such that I just can’t make it work.

But hang in there. I think everyone has that same metaphorical hill to get over. :slight_smile: And it can get better.

I nominate this for Best New Terminology of 2019. What does it take to get this into the lexicon? :wink:


I think they sometimes mean that a weak defense ended up winning. Which can happen, although I don’t think I’ve even lost to an equal TP defense in quite some time…

I can’t even tell you the last time I looked at team power for a raid.


Really? I’m always curious to see what TP teams are floating where when I get matched with them. I choose opponents based on iron right now though :slight_smile:


Being able to beat another gamer which is more than 600tp above you make E&P more interesting.
Above all, its just a game. Don’t fall for it.
Just enjoy it while you can.


I just played another raid round… 6 games, 5 losses, 12 kills… This is not FUN.


I’m honestly confused how you can have that much trouble, with how many advantages attackers have in raids.


well i always use mono to do Raid , my win rate about 80% , used 36xx-37xx againts 42xx , if you lost too much i think you need to learn more how to deal with Tile , its not something that can be teach. try to watch other youtube video for Raiding and learn from them.


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