Another sad rage quit. SG you need to listen

It’s one thing to complain about gameplay issues, it’s another when you design your game to drive players to such high levels of frustration that it affects them mentally. This happened to our guild leader this weekend.

Your raid system is broken. Your shop prices are unbalanced. We understand your game was designed by psychologists and not game designers. You can fix these problems if you get your heads out of your greedy butts and start focusing more on your players quality of life.


At any point when one stopped seeing this game as “game”. Then it can really get into someone.

Sad your leader took it so deep, hope he will come back after a while and more relaxed.


I feel your pain. Been having A LOT of bad boards lately. Only one or two matches available on the entire board, and nothing that’s going to help me move forward in the battle and ZERO combo potential. Pick one match. Single match clears, then the exact same story again. It’s becoming very frustrating, for sure. It always gets better tho.


lol he really quit bc low people were beating him in raids? Any power level can be beat with the right board/heros. Caring about defense is really pointless imo, as long as it holds you in diamond that is all that really matters.


Does this mean the leader also felt that they should never be able to beat someone of higher level than they are? That seems to me like an odd position to take.


This comment is everything



I think, people who spend too much need psychologists, if they think, that they will win due to that.

Symptoms of addiction aren’t fun, but there are several types of addiction. Some are really bad for you and some will make you happier.


While the reason was no doubt individually valid to this person, overall the notion of quitting over a design FEATURE seems bass-Akwards to me.

If lower power teams couldn’t beat higher power teams in raids the game would be broken and the same 1000 players would sit at the top forever with only very little change - and it would DEMAND chasing the Gravemakers and Kages and Guins and Kunchen when they come up.

I have NONE of those, nor do I have Zeline or Magni or many of the “top” heroes and I can still get to the top of the leader board and hold 2650 cups.

That’s good game design, imo.

AND - at the end of the day, cups are mostly irrelevant beyond the use of prize levels - but once you stabilize in Diamond… it’s literally an irrelevant number.

So while there IS valid conversation to be had about pricing structure and the pure random nature of pulls - “low teams beating high teams” may be the single worst reason I’ve ever heard used to justify a rage quit.


I got a huge mental breakdown this afternoon… Probably the biggest on my entire life. Im not that easy to frustrate and very calm normaly but this game broke my temper (got extreme Super unfair unlicky raid 3 times in a row especially against a colen tank that kept resurect 3 times in a row while his mana charges, the team seemed very ez to defeat… But the board + fighter class said no and i lose tons of trophies)

I did a comeback later
I need to rest a bit to calm down, this game is testing my nerves.


This seems to me to be more about some driving need to stay on top of a leaderboard. I’ll never understand why that feeling is so important to some people.

Like one our member’s said recently “I want our alliance to be on top, but I don’t need to be the top player on the alliance”.

I just want to be good enough that I can continue to play!

Thank you, we can close this thread now.


It’s sad that people let a GAME affect them that much.


Commiserations @Navar on your leader leaving. I imagine when a person gets to that level of frustration, the best thing to do is walk away, reflect, contemplate and act. Quitting… :cry:

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Still confused how they could see how strong the team was that attacked them… All you can see is your opponents lvl and their current set def

Maybe I’m a sadist but I love nothing more than opening the game and seeing - 100<400 cups after climbing to top 100…

Just means filling raid chest is so much easier… No matter what I do I open a diamond chest

Cups are just place holders no more no less, they have no baring on your ability. As long as I fill my raid chest in 8-9 flags I couldn’t care less


Did he think to leave the game anytime he defeated a stronger team?

This game a - 500 power team can defeat anyone. Also you can.

I’m sorry for this who don’t assimilate that and they think there’s an evil hand behind the game.

Hope he’ll back to the game and his ally members.


My 4058 team made it to 18th world wide last week beating teams in the 4200-4300 level…with a lot of luck. I got there without even changing my roster for tanks like I should to increase my chances. Just chose the best teams to fight without rerolling much.

Boy did I get revenge slaughtered after I logged out!

Had to tell someone. This seem like the right thread. :slight_smile:


This game is designed for slow progress, anyone who try to advance in this game with too high speed will end up either spending big money and being frustrated.

millions of players are in the games, you cannot let everyone win everything in PvP platform. There must be winners and losers in a battle and all of us have to know that we will win and lose.

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Another 3-4 hours you may have lost 400 trophies

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Game is game, with the right parameter anyone should be able to beat anyone.

But I should think, the gamer’s reason of low TP beating high TP, might just be the last straw on his pile load of frustrations.
Obviously frustration had set in, for some it happens, even real life events sometimes take their tolls, best is to cool off and try to see things in the perspective of reality and take games as entertainment.

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If he quits because of that he should stay far away, it will only become worse: RNG at summoning, RNG at obtaining proper ascension materials… Is far more challenging.

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