Another Rant


Well it seems again we have another update another nerfing, still missing major components on 5* heroes and glitches galore.

So sad to see a typical round of nerfing again.
Athena and Brienne both got it hard this time.
I started just before global launch. Every update more and more heroes getting nerfed. No reward for players studying tactics and using their brains to utilize the abilities of the heroes that in many cases they paid for. Instead Small giant once again says “no can’t do that” and strips away at the heroes.
It’s a really common trend in these forums what people are saying.
Stop wrecking hero’s.
Simple as that.
Not that hard is it really.
People are getting really sick and tired of paying for something or building a team,which can take months, just to see small giant rip it out from under them.
Here is an idea small giant. Play the game.
I mean actually play it, not just listen to your one buddy that plays it.
Maybe, just maybe, you might start seeing what the players actually want, you might see less people leave after each nerfing update and you might not have glitches like finishing the game without beating the final boss because you forgot to add the level in.
Pick up your game, literally, small giant or the people will vote with their feet.