Another random question


Okay, I just got my 4th set of trap tools from watching a video. I can ascend Sabina, my main healer to tier 4 or I can ascend Thoth, who I’m not using at the moment, to tier 3. Suggestions?


In my opinion this depends on how many tabards you have. If you are at all close to being able to bring Thoth to his final ascension (say 4-6 tabards), then I would work on him. Otherwise I would bring up sabina since a 4* at 4-70 is generally more powerful than a 5* at 3-70.


What does your team look like?



This is what I’ve got to choose from. I know Thoth isn’t ready to ascend yet, but it took me a month just to get 4 trap tools. And I can have him ready to ascend pretty quick.


You could go with Thoth instead of Sabina and Boldtusk instead of Scarlett.
People say though that Thoth is not so good against titans because of a slow animation.


If you just got the 4th trap tool, likely a ways away from having 6 royal tabards, and 4 additional trap tools, to ascend to the last level. And it looks like you’re relying on Sabina for team healing ability, so I’d still say ascend her all the way up.

Easy for me to say though, without a Thoth sitting on the bench.