Another Quality of Life change

Could we add a function to the heros card to show what their stats would be at max level/skill. Similar to how you show it when advertising the heros in the summons. That way when a player pulls a couple new heros of the same color they don’t have to scroll through the summons page to look for a few different ones to decide who to work on first. @zephyr1

YES! I hate having to go back and find the card for the hero just to see the fully leveled stats. would love to have a toggle switch or something that would show the full stats compared to the current unleveled stats. It could even go away once the hero is fully leveled.

I use this link all the time, it’s awesome and I think you may find it even more helpful than the feature you’re requesting:

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While we’re at it, can we add something similar for emblems as well? It would be nice to see final stats for a certain skill tree path without actually committing the emblems first.

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