Another proof this game is an evil troll (or Fate is a gremlin, you pick)


You think rolling 7 Banes out of 10 heroes is trolly?

It is.

But how about reading your mind and then elaborately showing you a middle finger?

Earlier this month I rolled a Thoth. After that I figured I’d like to keep my tokens for December to try my luck with another HotM. I didn’t want to roll a 2nd Thoth and wasting my rare luck on it.

I went onto Beta today and decided to roll my tokens there for fun.

Got hot garbage. Rolled the Beta gems too. More hot garbage.

I’m thinking - dude, I got 6 wasted golden tokens and over 3500 gems to not get a single 5* hero.

There MUST be a 5* waiting for me live.

I’m just gonna roll one… one puny token… okay, game? Like, just test the theory? Okay?


Just give me anything BUT Thoth. One token, game. ONE. TOKEN.

3* Azar…

…additional roll.

Ragequit close the app.

And then they come with their science and tell me that Fate doesn’t exist and that it is not a spiteful little gremlin.

Men, please. Quit it.

It’s there.

It watches us.


And it’s gonna get you one day. And you’re gonna eat crow. Nom nom nom.


*can I please donate the extra Thoth to my mommy please I’m too poor to feed two of them he gonna starve and that’s not okay men not okay :<


LOL, with that mindset you can only lose :rofl:

You get lucky twice in a row and still mad? At least he came in extra :wink:

You were right about the 5* waiting for you though, care to inform me when I shall get another? :thinking:


You need to roll 6 golden tokens in beta, one 10 hero roll in beta, and then 3 more rolls in beta for 300 gems each. Do NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use Elemental Summon.

Provided you get hot garbage in all of these rolls, proceed to go to live and roll a golden token there. Voila! You should get a 5* hero you already own!

You’re welcome, no need to thank me even!

Also what do you mean twice in a row, the previous Thoth was a bunch of rolls back :> Can’t really call the duplicate lucky :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Darn it Ellilea why didn’t u just wait for Percy and Natalya. Not to mention the middle of the month is the dead zone for most players trying to roll for something good only to end up with poop and thot. You have played games before you should know this information. never roll in the middle of the month. best time/chance is the beginning and end of the month.


Because I don’t want Perseus, it’s as desirable to me as a 2nd Thoth lmao. And I don’t have the willpower to hold onto my tokens through the entire December :rofl:

And clearly middle of the month is just fine. If I didn’t have Thoth it’d be the perfect time to roll, clearly, but then again, if I didn’t have it, then the game wouldn’t need to troll me and I wouldn’t get him :rofl:


well hopefully u get some epic tokens soon as December rolls in. maybe they will make a Santa deal or new years deal too


I’m going to sleep, enough shitposting for one day :rofl:

Have a good night, boys and girls.