Another poem just because

I’m off work sick today and needed to exercise the grey matter.

Conspiracy! Conspiracy!
The Devs have got it in for me!
The war is programmed far too crudely,
And heroes of the month elude me!
After every dollar that I spend, I swear that this will be the end.
I wish I’d listened, when they were predicting
That Empires is far too addicting.

Conspiracy! Conspiracy!
This game will fall in infamy!
SG beholden to the whales
Zero points for connection fails
And I have finally had enough
Of server delay and buffering buffs.
Of wings and corners, flank and tank.
Of raids upon my piggy bank.

Conspiracy! Conspiracy!
A con or downright piracy?
Eight-seven becomes yet more prosaic
I’d fewer tiles if I laid mosaics
Some believe and some refute
The nerf of every source of loot
I have it on authority
That telescopes once grew on trees

So don’t stand on your statistics dais
And blame my confirmation bias.


Lovely. “Dias”, though? Perhaps you were thinking of “dais”? But then, how to salvage the rhyme?

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Well spotted, too true.

I will leave it for now as I like the visual symetry


Don’t change it, please! I can easily see the various pundits holding forth from their Dias. Besides, they are far to elite to use a soap box. xD
Feel better soon. :huggs:

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