Another option to buy gems

This game are played by players from different country. Payment method is limited in some country.

So, how about to create SG his own market/online shop to sell packs of gems with different method to everyone? Using e-wallets, Credit Cards, Pre paid Cards, etc.

People who made payment on this marked, should receive on his email a code or key to put on his Empires & Puzzle account to redeem gems. Also can be used this method to make gift to another player.

You already can do this…? Just have to add an extra step in.

That extra step is buying Apple or Google Credit. Can do this most places (petrol/ gas station, supermarket, chemist/ drug stores etc…)


Actually in my county the only way to buy gems is using credit card…
google play does not allow another payment =(

How abou Dao pay to pay by phone?

In fact, the gplay limit is uneven and unfair for some countries. In Brazil, for example, it is R 1500; In the USA it is 2000, which is equivalent to almost R $ 8000. Why not make the store have an equal standard for all countries? It may even be based on the dollar.

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DISCLAIMER: I’ve never actually used this myself, so I’m not sure if it works. May not be available in all countries. May not actually reward you with anything. I don’t work for Google, SG, or any other company affiliated with anything. I’m not being paid to post this, only sharing it because I’ve heard some people were able to use credits from this to buy E&P stuffs.

sadly in my country I did not received yet any question from this app… =(

I apologize :frowning_face:

Like I said, I’ve never tried it myself. I’m sure it depends on the country, because some countries are more willing to pay for advertising.

I just heard about it from other posters and thought I would share.

I know it’s hard when we’re all playing the same game in different countries, with different languages and currencies, and the game was originally developed in Finland but is now owned by a U.S. company. The reality is that the currency exchanges will never be totally balanced.

I wish you luck though, maybe you will be able to get a great deal on a day when international exchange rates shift. :wink:

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