Another offer - Midsummer Mayhem

Good call @Chodaboy! I applaud your decision. :+1:

Well, those were certainly some words. Thanks, I guess.


Not meant to be offensive. I will explain.

A pay to play player had already dabbed deep into the resource exploit, which is impossible to achieve without money. That is displayed into far better quality of the hero bench. Even if you now go f2p, you may look at the f2p topic and see what kinds of heroes we use - which are predominantly classic emblemed season 1 4* and 5*, with an occasional good or not so good non-S1 4* or 5*. Basically what a f2p can rely on is one thing - a good bench of season 1 4*. I doubt that your bench consists mainly of S1 4*.

This is just one example. Being p2p for a long time gives you access to more items, more mats, more emblems, much more of everything.

In order for you to truly understand what a f2p is, then you should not spend. I myself also am not a f2p, but am very close to that since I use those same S1 4* as my primary weapons. To make an example: Pay to win players are buying machineguns while free to play have to grab a bow lying on the ground. Becoming f2p should require you to throw that machinegun away (your entire premium 5* bench) and my guess is you are unwilling to do so. Ergo, you cannot become f2p. You can just stop spending. Which is not the same.

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Fair point if someone’s going to claim “I did all this as a ftp” when they assembled their bench at vast expense first. However, it’s not the only definition of ftp. I don’t think there is an official one - if there were, who would have the authority to define it?

As for the offer, I think it’s ok in comparative value terms. I’m not buying it though. As @Saros rightly says, even if you only pick “good” offers it still adds up to a lot of money. I don’t buy emblems as a rule anyway.


He literally just said “he’s going F2P”

As in not spending more money now.

There’s no need to get on your high horse about it all. We know true-F2P walk a tougher line than those of us who spend. You have a F2P thread that you can harp on about it all you like. I read it but as it’s not my place to comment I don’t.

It’s like someone deciding to go Vegan and being berated by someone who is hyper-vegan that they aren’t really a Vegan…no one likes it when they get gate keepered.

So be nice


Semantics no one’s pixels are actually worth bragging about to waste time bickering about titles.

Feel free to. All types do. The more perspectives we get the better we’ll be. It’s basically don’t be a :poop: here thread. A la “just use your +20 Odin, Frigg, Bera, Krampus, whomever else team with your level 30 troops. It’s super easy then” :no_mouth: ….

I consider it more a constructive problem solving place meets the bragging thread meets a place where weird stuff gets talked about. :man_shrugging:

Goes for @Chodaboy or anyone else too. I mean not that I am overlord of F2P land or anything, but don’t be jerks and it’ll all be cool :wink:


I very much prefer participation to this:

Lurking creeps me out. You did the hard part already of reading us drone on (marginally coherently in my case). :+1:


I agree with you here too @Muchacho That’s all. :wink:

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I don’t dig this offer at all.

They try hard to offer something new but the offers pricing is totally above what they offer.

Frankly I only check the new offers out of curiosity, just to see what they THINK is worth x amount of money.

Even if it was worth it, I wouldn’t buy it anyways. There’s too many good pull-value offers around the events, and they are now every week or sometimes even twice a week. We went from couple offers per month to 3 or more offers daily - much easier to skip them when it’s a spam than when it used to be a ‘rare good deal’.

Team, quibbling over semantics isn’t helping the discussion.

F2p is gaming slang and is used in a variety of contexts with slightly different meanings; there is no definitive version and so debating it here is derailing the conversation.

Our communal effort towards game jargon can be found here, and you can debate definitions to your heart’s content.


How did we go from discussions of the current pack, into whatever heated argument that is currently happening now?

Now the spokesperson for this pack is C Kad

Well spotted.

And I haven’t been imagining this - SG has increased the graphic size of offers, so they take up even more room. :rofl:

The gap is now a canyon. Ffs SG

It’s C Kaliden now, and with the size of the graphic, there is no way anyone can dodge this deal.

I’ll assume Russell will be the next spokesperson for any deal that is a “can’t miss deal”.


Wouldn’t c kad be telling them to dodge this pack then?

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This special offer is hot garbage. A single node on a 4* is 30 emblems and a 5* is 50 emblems for the ones that aren’t very special. Go ahead and buy it three times for $15 dollars and get 2/3 of a 4* node or just under 50% for a single 5* node.

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All offers in this game are garbage because they want to much of real money for their virtual nothing in unbalanced stagnated game

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For F2P these are just a thing to hit X on. It’s not really a big deal.

For people that spend you need to assess the offer and work out if it’s worth your hard earned money.

I’ve looked at them both. Neither do it for me so I’ll skip them. I’m getting more than that from each tower so my need isn’t great to spend on emblems.

But different people will have different views. Plus the costume portal is still open and arguably one of the best to summon for a lot of people. Especially with C.Leo featured.

No one is forced to buy these after all. Live and let live I reckon.

Don’t think it’s a good offer, personally — but find the 3100 gem amount annoying.


That character looks so proud to offer his overpriced junk for sale. :rofl:

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