Another misleading info

What is this “can also contain” when it should say the chest contains 2 crafting items

maybe it should say it contain 2 crafting materials plus 1 rare or epic ascension item to make it more clear

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Now, if they dont “mislead”, we wouldn’t buy. :slight_smile:

Now now, that’s trivial.

If it was written in a better form, would you not pull the same?

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Does it matter?

It’s still a mistake

If it’s intended, that’s extremely slimey

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Wow everyone bashing on SG…Maybe it rolls auto ascension mat, maybe 2nd roll has a chance at another ascension, if it does then 2 of those and only 1 craft. If not 1 and 2??? Then if it said 2 crafting and it rolled like above people yelling what…guarantees 2. Give em a damn break