Another mana speed bug

I was playing Morlovia and Alfrike charged faster than Malicna

As you can see I didn’t used any mana, this is also first wave so its not leftover mana and if Malicna would fire before then monsters would have much less hp.

Do pumpkins generate different amount of mana for every hero? Its only thing that I can think about.

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Can you show us the troops you have on them, and emblems? Those are the only reasons I can think of why that might happen, excluding a bug. Even then I wouldnt think that would make a big enough difference, but I would have to do the math after looking at what you got.

Alfrike have also 2% mana node, she is charging in 12 tiles with node and these troops.

Come on. Isnt it obvious why Alfrike is charging faster than Malicna?
She has the mana troop and Malicna Ninja (no mana boost at all thus).

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That is not enough to make up the difference. Alfrike is very slow, Malicna is average.
Can it be a visual bug? Malicna is almost full, maybe she is also full but display doesn’t show it…

Malicna is average mana speed (10 tiles)

Alfrike is v.slow mana speed (13,5 tiles)

Alfrike with 13% mana buff is charging in 12 tiles, still 2 tiles slower than Malicna

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Malicna will charge in 10 with no mana troop, and I assume she has no mana node.
Alfrike will have a +13% bonus and charge in 12, so if you did pop a pumpkin, Alfrike will likely gain 13% more mana because of that. You activate enough pumpkins early enough, you’ll likely have Alfrike charge first, though someone else may have done the calculations.


Might be, I didn’t try to fire Malicna

You are probably right, I forgot that pumpkins are(most likely) affected by mana bonus, I will try check it again.

EDIT: You are right, just tested it


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