Another Mana-Blocking Monthly

Short version: I would love to see a fast, single-target mana blocker. Not a cutter or a slower, but a blocker.

Long version:
I use Hansel & Gretel, and I absolutely love them. It’s be hard to find 5* that’ll help me more than those two already do. I just love mana blocking! Mana slowing & cutting like Telly & Neith is alright, yeah, but the Witch Hunter ability is a blast. More 5* witchers please? :smile:

Silencing, Hel, Hansel, & Merlin are the sort I’m looking for, where it becomes a game to see how many tiles you can get into your target before it becomes a benefit to them. If it’s just mana slow like Telly then the victim will still thank you for the mana, just not as much.

And yes, I’ll offer my thanks for Miki, Alfrike, & other 5* heroes that do this already

Seriously, Hansel is so much fun oh my goodness. If there was a 5* that did exactly the same thing as him, I’m not the only one in my house that thinks it’d be a 5* going all-out for


A 5s hansel will be great, maybe a red one.

I can see another hel being more likely in a different color than a 5* hansel or gretel

But that’s just me

How about Costume Obakan’t?

I’d really like him to get a clutch special that reverses his fortunes

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Make that C.Thorne!
20 Thornes becoming top 100 heroes.

I might even finally level him. Was short on purple 5* stars (till Clarissa),
but I never bothered to level him… I wouldn’t even replace my unemblemed cTibs by him on offense

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