Another log in?

Have issue where this is happening…

But this acc is not connected thro google play or facebook or any other, just instaled and play (cuz this is phone for games only) over now year and few months.

Is this mean i am in danger of loseing all my game progress if someone jump in and “eat” all my heroes?
Is this mean someone is find a way to by pass security of SGG?
Is this mean we are no logner safe if we not connected game to gplay or fb? But if we connected then there is higher risc cuz be more option to pass securiti…
Can anyone explain how this is posible when i take this phone even if i go to toilet for number 2 and allways is in my pocket?
If this is happening and all my heroes are gone SGG cant restore my acc, cuz everywhere i see that there are not responsible for any acc loss even if their security is fail?

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and it happened to me … someone came into my account and ate all my heroes and troops. SG says someone registers via IOS in my account but they can’t help me.

Sorry to hear that and thats my point with this topic, your acc and progress is gone and what to do now?
Who will or will will restore that you lost?
I am f2p play but someone could be p2w and lost all what then, cuz and money and time spend in is gone?
For me it is only too much time spended in game just to gone in s… dont know what would do if all gone and was builded over year and few months.
Hope SGG will restore your data and find who is on the other side.

@LenjaLisica @IvanaCRO please delete your pictures, DO NOT share your account number on forums or else where…
Edit: Only share via support to SG…

Yes everythnig is gone. SG says that someonse register via IOS. I never have IOS and never share my personal or gmail info. I spent money for this game and look what happened.

This is first time happening and acted too fast thx for leting us know for our misstakes pic is replaced without acc info.

SGs onlly bussines is to collect money For all other issues ask Google. Hoces that fair . Cmmon sg do something and give baci accounts to People without lieing u cant.

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So basically nobody is safe? And everyone can get hacked and there is no way to recover account? That’s awesome

Unfortunately yes! SG won’t protect players.

I really hope things will sort out.
This is a big problem. They need to work on this issues.

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The Forum is player-to-player support and content. Only SG can help you with technical matters via a support ticket. I have boosted this issue higher.

To contact support, you can use this link:

Please note that discussing individual support/moderation decision is not allowed on the forum.

While I cannot comment on any individual case, I would like to point out that sharing accounts is not permitted. We cannot guarantee the security of any account that has been shared or transferred to another player.

We don’t store nor have access to any Google or Apple accounts. If your Google Play/AppleID account has been compromised, please contact Google/Apple for further instructions as soon as possible.

If you have lost your game account, please #contact-support for account recovery.

Relevant FAQ articles:

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This is the most expensive game so they need to have a good firewall and developer team?! Why we pay a huge ammount if its not secured and someone can destroy everything??That is the minimum to SG recover the hacked profile and take sth to save their users.

To reiterate what Petri said - this is an issue with someone taking over a users Google or Android master account not their E&P game account. SG does not have access to those accounts. Once you get the issue straightened out with Google/Android, SG can help you with any game account issues.

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Ok so even if i am not connected thro google to the game it is still google fault that someone try to enter the game? :thinking:

@LenjaLisica Just curious - if you aren’t connected through Google or Android, how did you install the game?

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So it is time that we plaers whu use € £ $ for game start stop playing game when SGG cant protect ours accaunts.Game start to srch more and more mony but that is not problem for truth plaer and beacome litle bit of boring.But this with hacking and destroyng others accaunt is too much.Wi will see are you able to restore whol accaunt this IvanaCro plaer if not I think a lot of us will stop play this game

Ok you have point in there, it is thro google play store installed… but store not connected with gp games…

…dont know how you play games and how you use your pesonal info but this phone that i am useing is only purpose for games and by that mean only allready build in app is installed and few games also on it except P&E (P&E is onlyone that need connection on the internet) and only one mail is on that phone (even i forget pass for it how old it is) and cuz of that i allways give my personal acc in any circumstances that is only for info and where i get my answers for game or what else or from forums! So again not connected to the game.

Now you want to tell me that someone “hacked” my play game acc and instal game on hers/his device and all my progress of game is on hers/his phone?
Even when you need to be connected thro same wifi just to transfer all progress on another phone?
No need to mention that you need to be connected to goole play games!

Do not tell me its same ‘google play store’ form where we install games and ‘google play games’ from where we share and transfer our game progress, is it?

…so just curious what you talk about?

And preatty please can you tell me what would you do if in few days get msg like that ‘you have been signed out because of a concurrent login from another device’ and you know that is not be posible by any circumstances?

I never share my personal info or gmail pasword. How is possible that somebody linked my acc to IOS? SGG can see the location of that IOS device because I didnt transfer it.

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