Another lie in this game

At tower I had 25% mana regeneration. I picked up another 5% and I STILL have only 25%.another nice bs from developers.

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I think this needs to merged here:

Is it possible you’re confusing these two things?

  • +5% mana generation

  • +5% mana every 5 turns


Nope i always picked up 5% regeneration only when this option is not there I pick up 5% every 5 turns.

At what floor are you currently at?

If you did that, you’d max out at +25% mana generation, so it sounds like it’s working fine.


@zephyr1 correct me if wrong. but after 5 chooses that blessing stops showing up???

Everyone gets the same blessing options after every 3 floors, as seen in the chart. So +25% is maximum mana regen blessing you will get if you chose it all the way. I think 5 is the maximum number of any particular type of blessing one can get. :slight_smile:


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