Another idea for previous HotMs availability

On the page that shows the current HotM and lets us choose between legendary / epic / troop / daily summons: instead of the current HotM allow selecting any previous month with its HotM. Then the legenday / epic summons would return our chosen HotM instead of the current month’s HotM (if any bonus HotM at all). On 1st of each month the month’s HotM banner would change automatically to the new HotM of the month (and then whoever wants Perseus would have to change it again to December, etc.)
The changing of the month’s HotM could simply work by right / left swiping on the banner.

I like it!

Anything thats brings the oldies back into rotation.

And/or add them to the regular TC20 hero pot.


I would love another chance to get my hands on Ares or Alberich


Who wouldn’t? But that doesn’t mean it’s good for the game. Full disclosure: I have all HotM from Ares to Zeline.

HotM are already pretty close to P2W. A F2P player might manage two or theee elemental summons a month, which gives poor but non-zero odds of pulling the HotM. The proposed selective summons, or @Avicious ‘s idea in a parallel thread, make the P2W even clearer. That’s not a healthy direction, IMO.

I prefer the idea of putting old HotM into TC20 after some lag—a year? This gives P2W players a big head-start and much higher odds of getting HotM, but gives F2P or late-to-the game players some chance.


@Kerridoc My suggestion doesn’t make the game any more P2W that it already is. Adding HotMs to TC20 would make it slightly less P2W, but there may be opposition to less P2W (from some P2W players, and from SG) so my suggestion was just that: to keep the P2W aspect as it is while making previous HotMs available. For the F2P players that want a specific HotM, my suggestion offers better chances that TC20 (also, the players don’t have to wait a year).

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Yet another idea: when you’d get a bonus HotM, you have the opportunity to choose between the current HotM and one past HotM (two variations: any past HotM, or a HotM with the same color as the current HotM). Just show two HotMs, with a ‘Pick’ button under each.