Another “help with defense team” topic 😅

Hi there!

I get to platinum arena a week ago, and while I get over 2000 trophies when raiding with no to much difficult, my defense team gets defeated most of the times. I use to run one of this teams in defense

Any suggestions on defense team composition while I train more heroes? This are my strongest heroes

Caedmon - Gormek - Rigard - Chao - Grimm


Thanks! Will try that. would like to use more fast heroes, since average ones usually get killed before fire, that’s why I run first posted teammost of the time despite of having 2 dispellers, but it’s not working anyway

Have not been attacked lately but more suggestions are welcome :grin:

If you are able to max Justice, she would do fine at tank in low to mid platinum until your roster expands some more and just to keep her safe keep rigard and gormek. For blue I like sonya more than grimm on defense (personal preference) and again if you have the materials go for Kingston if not caedmon is more than good enough to stay above 1800 cups. I like the troops you have rn as well but I would give the crit troops to rigard on defense especially if you have crits on most of your other team. Good luck I hope this helps.

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From what I see maxed now, I’d try to use
Caedmon, Gormek, Rigard, Chao, Proteus

My intention here is to bring different specials. Proteus blocks mana, Gormek reduces defense, Caedmon debuffs (can be replaced with Sonya)
Rigard is a must as the only healer ready for use.


I use to put crit on Rigard and Mana on Proteus, but SG always swap them when I make changes in team ,:man_shrugging:t3:
Kingston is already at 3.70 waiting for 2 tonics and Justice for 2 darts :grin:

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I have a similar defense, and working pretty well with

Sonya - Boldtusk - Li Xiu - Proteus - Caedmon

In the last 3 months

Before that Chao was in my defense on flank, with Bold on tank, Proteus on the other flank.

Boldtusk is a must in the 4* area…

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All 4* healers but Rigard dropped lately, so I’m working on them. So happy TC decided to give me some healers.
Many of you suggested Rigard as tank, don’t know that he is good at that position. Will try how he works.


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Wow, those +20 heroes are amazing!

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I have him, Rigard, but with Chao he’s never worked well.

Bold in the other hand work fine with all of them.

But thinking in what you have, you could try:

Sonya - Chao - Rigard - Gormek - Caedmon

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Yeah, one year playing, c2p, and nothing of 5* until this month so…

I spent the last 5 months making awesome 4*, but my roster of 5* consists in Sartana, Thorne, Isarnia, Puss in Boots and Grimble, all of them in late November and December…

For me slow Little John in a wing position is useless. He hardly ever fires. I’d put him on a flank.
Kelile, Little John, Kirill, Proteus, Sonya
Chao, Little John, Kirill (Boldtusk), Proteus, Sonya

Cool defense you have there… and Happy Birthday :slight_smile:

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I use to think that, but for me he worked better there (with level 12 mana troop)… Use him for one month and on flank never worked (lose too much cups).

But I agree that depends on the companies.