Another help request on hero levelling

Hi guys and Girls.

Did some event summons and had it al plannen out what to level first… But now I am lost a bit.
Sir Lancelot for sure but what else would be a good strategy to do? As you can see I did not feed any 3* yet so have some food left for the right hero’s…
Any thoughts?

IMO, You want to be working towards a defense lineup of:

Belith, Gormek, LiXiu, Lancelot, Tiburtus

I also leveled Friar Tuck, but boy does he drop off in usefulness quickly. Belith is a great healer who also debuffs the enemy, and you can use her until you can get a 4* healer.

You could also go Bel, Gorm, Li, Tibs, Gunnar, as Lancelot isn’t really all that great on defense, but Gunnar is another one who’s usefulness drops off quick.

if you’re doing pulls, Blue is your priority, followed by green.

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I am not one of the old wizards, not sure my ideas are right; however, I will say in my opinion you are heading down the wrong path.

There are players who will tell you to develop a raid team which would be higher power cards with fast mana and a healer, and there are players who will say don’t feed your threes as you want that starter level event team and there are players that will tell you to keep everything both because AW calls for 30 heroes and the devs may beef up one of your currently weak heroes…and those players are all one and the same depending on the topic they are respnoding to.

First, are you paying? If so, what is your budget?

Second, the less you spend, the more important your raid team becomes. Farming and raiding bring the resources which drive teams. Even big spenders have to get ham to level up those 5*s.

Your 3*s are heavily duped. I am the sort who would feed them. Specifically, feed Tibertus and then Li Xiu. They will step in for Renfeld and Bane when their tile strength numbers are high enough.

Gormek is your tank, for now. Friar Tuck, unfortunately, is your only leveled healer who should be on Gormek’s shoulder. Try Renfeld/FT/Gormek/Gunnar/Bane.

Since you have Gormek backed up by Nashgar, I would ignore the red (Merlin is a luxury) until you have developed replacements for the 3*s now on the first team.

If a 4* healer drops, push that hero. Boldtusk is a priority even though he is red. Kiril would be better given the color. Sabina/Melendor good too.

Shoulg the rng curse give you only 3*s, figure out matching heroes by their special skills.

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I would not worry about defense team in the slightest right now.

Priority should be getting a team that can finish the final two stages of rare quests for guaranteed ascension mats (or at least the 2nd last for the 3 star items).

Given your red situation with 4s, don’t bother leveling any more red 3s right now. Finish Gormek to 60 and then Lance and Kelile to 60. 4 stars at 3/60 are tougher than max 3s from what I’ve experienced. Yellow level Li Xiu. and Purple Tibertus.

Absolutely level Belith - she’s a full team healer plus dispeller. Very valuable. When you’re done with Tibertus in pruple, do Tyrum (dispel is very good).

Those are the heroes from that group I would focus on.


I agree

But I would put Lance and Kelile on hold and level Gormek, Nashgar and one Hawkmoon ( two if you do 3* hero challenge events ). You can double Gormek with Nashgar or Hawkmoon for double strong versus a green boss/ titan/ or raid defense with double green.

Gormek is a great compliment to Grimm when you eventually get Grimm since Grimm is high attack stat Ramming Pulverizer but weak against Green while Gormek is a high DEFENSE stat Ramming Pulverizer and STRONG against green.

Tiburtus is useful, just not as useful as Gormek ( and eventually Grimm ) but splash damage ( full damage target with half damage to nearby ) is VERY versatile in war attack teams and completing Rare Ascension Item Quests to get more items to level more heroes.

Sir Lancelot and Kelile are more useful against titans or war defense team healers but Gormek is useful against everything.

Eventually Gunnar gets replaced by Grimm/ Kiril and Miracle/ Revive scrolls, but good to have until then.

I loved my Friar Tuck’s healing+ mana boost, but my Belith and my Hawkmoon are much better 3* healers since you can put them in a corner for raid/ war defense. And you can put them anywhere, giving you much more flexibility, on a team that has heroes like Lancelot that also have nearby requirements.

Not fond of Li Xiu after actually having got her, but that is because Wu Kong is such a OP beast. Wu Kong trades accuracy for attack special skills for x1.9 board damage. Plus Wu Kong has the highest attack stat of 4* yellow further increasing board damage when you use him. In fact I currently use double Wu Kong versus purple bosses/ titans.

But until you get Wu Kong/ Guardian Jackal, or the Devs adjust the rest of the 4* yellow heroes, Li Xiu will give you better board damage than Bane. You can still use Bane with Li Xiu versus purple bosses/ titans/ defense teams with double purple.

Personally I would keep only ONE of the following heroes ( in case the Devs change their stats ):

Karil- Valen better
Isshtak- Belith and Brienne better
Renfeld- Tyrum and Balthazar better
Jahangir- Hawkmoon, Nashgar, Azar better
Gan JU- Bane better
Kailani- Gunnar/ Revive scroll/ Miracle scroll much better
Carver- Li Xiu/ Time stop better
Dawa- Bane and Gan Ju better

In which way doubling with Nashgar is better than doubling with Lancelot or Kelile? As Dante said, Kelile at 3/60 is stronger than maxed Nashgar and she has a potential to grow once ascention items are collected, while 3* hero doesn’t.

The Nashgar is 15 levels from 3.50,
leveling a 3* will help with reflect green events when it arrives,
3* can be leveled with only ascension items available on the map
3* 3.50 takes less XP than 4* 3.60
3* 3.50 fast mana speed useful in alliance war,
Using Nashgar to level Kelile wastes 90% of XP currently used to level Nashgar,
Nashgar and Kelile are fast mana speed with DOT while Sir Lancelot is average mana speed.

Or was that a rhetorical question? ( @Brobb you are a bad bad influence on me ).

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Fine, make nashgar an exception since he’s almost at 50, but 15 levels should take someone like…a few hours tops. Bump in the road.

3/60 four stars only require ascension item you can farm from the map as well and they’re significantly stronger.

Also, gormek is a much weaker than either Tibs or Grimm and when someone has all 3, Gormek only gets used on green titans. also, there are plenty of red 4 star attackin heroes (gormek scarlett kelile colen) whereas purple ONLY has tibertus at 4 stars, the rest are healers or cyprian.

I don’t really like Li Xiu either, but at 3/60 it’s his strongest yellow. Obviously Jackal and Wu are better and I’d level chao before Li Xiu either as she’s just weak on offense compared to those 3.

also, leveling 3 star heroes for beginner event while you could level your first and second set of 4s is terrible advice: beginner completion gets you junk. Intermediate completion gets you unfarmable ascension items and leveling his 4 star reds to 3/60 while help WAAAAY more with completing intermediate than any number of 3s. They are also way more useful against titans, which again moving up on titans will increase ascension material flow.

IMO, for any new player, getting your good 4 stars to 3/60 over 3 star 50s is the MOST IMPORTANT thing they can do because that lets them do Intermediate event completion, rare quest (2nd last stage for 3 star items), and help take down higher level titans, all of which start unlocking 3 star ascension items, which leads to having 4/70s.

Also, I don’t believe anyone suggested feeding nashgar TO kelile…

Max 4* to 3/60 requires the same items, but result is better. No one proposed to feed Nashgar to Kelile. In meantime it can be used as it is now in addition to Gormek and later can be maxed.

My opinion is that if there is a chance to choose between leveling 3* or 4*, then 4* is a priority and better investment.

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You had good points but please don’t use “OP” and the monkey’s name in the same sentence.

Just don’t. Thank you.

Thank you very much for your thought process all that have contributed :slight_smile:Really much appriciated.

To answer some questions:

  1. am mostly F2P but buy some very cheap offers now and then (once or twice a month). Up until now gems and gems combined with hidden blades all maximum of € 2,00 purchases.

  2. I am indeed looking for more survivability in raids and special events to get the ■■■. maths to make it possible to go to tier 4 with my gathered 4* hero’s.
    I am now doubting if I want to do this and maybe keep the hard earned maths to level hero’s that are really worth it but this choise can wait.
    First priority will be for me now to get all 4* to end of tier 3.

@Gryphonknight Thanx for the advice what I can use for feeding and making some space in the stables for new hero’s.

The hero’s levelled to end are the onces I got early on in the game and have helped me this far but I notice that they are getting to weak to make more progress.
Friar tuck: have had a lot of support by him but now feels like he is getting to weak to make good contibutions.
Gunnar: Is okay for defence help but nothing more tha some help.
Bane: Still has some punch when he hits but hitpointwise needs a lot of help to keep him alive.
Renfeld: for now he can manage but will be replaced by Tibertus for sure.

Once again thank you all for your input this far!
I will go and re-read and study all your idea’s again and make some choices and feed a part of my 3* roster :joy:

You are welcome. Paying forward all the people here who helped me, especially @Coppersky, @Rook, @Revelate, @Dante2377 .

Bane, Nashgar and Hawkmoon ( if you decide to level her ) work well as Grave damage (linky, linky) so you don’t need to keep them alive once you get Gormek and Li Xiu up to 3.60. Another consideration is 3* 3.50 requires 60% of the XP as 4* 3.60 ( 49,918 XP versus 83,871 XP ).

Fast mana speed special skills (link) and healers (link) are very useful for war energy #4- #6 and Challenge event completion rewards.

No one’s disputing the 3s will be helpful as team additions, but the 4s are the future and will get more long-term use. The short bit of extra time that you finish a few 3s to 50 instead of a few 4s to 60 isn’t worth it to me for the fact that you get weaker heroes. If you’re a newer player looking to build your advancement, building benches for AW teams 4-6 is literally the LAST thing you should worry about.


It’s just a philosophical difference.

Gryphonkit, my wife, is currently leveling all her 5* heroes to 2.60 even though she doesn’t have the ascension materials. Though to be fair, I would be leveling Obakan, if I had him, since I have 15 trap tools due to RNG.

I have picked three 4* and three 3* of each color that I feel are “good” heroes and am leveling them. They give me flexibility in situations were I want to use double strong and/ or double neutral. Then I will repeat the process with 5* heroes and coughcough6*coughcough heroes.

But I am playing the




very long game

P.S. Thanks for you very helpful replies on the forum Dante