Another Help Me thread!

As I read through everything, this community is great. You’ve helped me so much with all of the useful info that’s posted. Now I need help with long term goals. I recently ascended some heroes that i felt confident with but since then I’ve acquired new heroes and I think I’ve confused my self from overthinking things. I’m going to post all of my 5* with a very special 4*. Tell me if I’m right or wrong and how I should proceed, oh and Thank You advance for your wealth of knowledge. Sorry for how I posted the heroes, I couldn’t figure out a tidier way to do it.

Here is my current defense team (take note of Grimm’s ascension lvl and attack power, he hits hard)!

Here is what I think should be my long term goal should be

And here are the rest of my 5* in case I missed something

I think moving Anzgoh into the main team makes sense since Alby isn’t a pure healer and G Panther offers better secondary skills than Sartana’s straight attack. Or maybe I got it right the first time? In all scenarios I have Onatel tanking.

Thank You!

I really like your proposed second defense (or hate it, if I was raiding) except that in my opinion Sartana is more dangerous on defense. She is a stone cold killer.

Panther is more for titans or maybe the palindrome defense (front three purple yellow purple) to get benefit of the defense down

And yes, Hansel is definitely worth it, he is a great raider and I would prioritise him

To some extent a fully emblemed Grimm is better than Frida, as everyone else can benefit from his defense down, either way it’s a formidable defence

The other thing to consider is that onatel and Sartana are both wizards. G Panther is a fighter so I wouldn’t have to share emblems. Is Sartana that much stronger than G Panther that it’d be worth sharing emblems?

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