Another found bug

If C. Melendor dispells all buffs…why is it that his special didn’t work while Theobald’s nature buff was up. Melendor’s dispell is NOT a status ailment…comon S.G…you’re killing my heroes lol…literally…my heroes died

Not a bug. Working as intended.

Also check out:

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This is working as intended.
Mitsuko also disables the ice hero dispel, and Ursena disables the yellow hero dispel.
Please search for similar topics before posting.

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A dispell is NOT a negative effect…its a remover. Defense down is a negative effect…attack down is a negative effect…removing a buff is not a negative effect. If that’s the case when a fight begins ALL heroes start off with a negative effect because they have no buffs. A dispell does not effect heroes normal health, attack or shield upon immediate activation so that should not count as a negative effect :man_shrugging:t5:

My opinion is not what matters here, it’s how the game decides. The game has decided that removing a buff is a negative effect.

Given this is consistent with how similar skills have been around for a while, it is not a bug.


No those are negative status effects, so they don’t get blocked, they get reflected. If you use a defense down against reflect you will end with the defense down on your own hero.
Dispel is no STATUS effect, so it doesn’t get reflected, but it has a negative effect for the target so it gets blocked.

When it’s not a negative effect for the opponent, why do you want to use dispel at all?

Right it gives you an advantage over an opponent → so it it’s a disadvantage for the opponent → therefore it has a negative effect for the opponent → it gets blocked

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Element shield still has priority over dispel, it’s working as intended. Bypass on the other hand…

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