Another epic or legendary offer

Hi, first I want too congratulate you for this game it is a good and a funny one…till some poìnt!
That offer ( the hot one) is a insult for me! Come on when you ask 10k of gems you must give something…not warm capes!
You guys started a good thing please don’t ruin it!!!
And do something with the loot …day by day is worst!!
Sorry for my english …hope you understand me!


Your English is fine! Welcome to the game and Forum! :wink:

Thank you! Much appreciate!

Let’s just say you are not the only one that feels this way.

Welcome to the forum and the game. The forum is an amazing place to grow and learn. Lots of knowledgeable folks. @Rook is one of them and super helpful. I just wonder how many pages she has in her favorites sometimes…

Oh and don’t forget, it is a HOT HOT HOT offer :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:

Hahaha…ya…that hot offer burn your wallet…the only good thisit is “just one time offer”…lol…cheers! :smile:


we hope it is only a one time offer…

They did come out and say they are just testing since this is the first time they did this. It got attention and a lot of feedback so hopefully next time they put more thought in it. However, I do not go for any of the big offers. The Easter calendar offers were good for me. I’d like more of those.

I am finally to the point where I am feeling everyones pain with getting mats. Although for me these hidden blades are very hidden from me. Just got my 3rd one (1st in over a month). And red seems to be my strongest color. I need about 17 more. haha

Lol…like everybody said…patience man…patience…this game is a marathon not a race…hahaha

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oh I am not racing anyone. Just having fun along the way and learning about strategy and putting teams together.