Another Defense Team Post

Hey, all! I’m back to ask for some advice about my defense team again…! So this is my current line-up:

Belith - Kiril - Colen - Li Xiu - Balthazar

I’m liking the rainbow team as well as having two healers but my biggest issue with this set-up is Belith being in the corner. Healers in the corner are subpar in my experience. I may swap her out with Tyrum though because he also has the debuff in his special and is fast, (I don’t have Caedmon yet, sadly) but I feel like Kiril’s heal is too weak to rely on alone, and Tyrum’s attack stats are kind of low for a good corner hero.

Another set-up was considering was:

Tyrum/Balthazar - Kiril - Colen - Friar Tuck - Li Xiu

I thought this might be a good set-up because both Kiril and Tuck can keep Colen alive as well as provide extra defense, attack buff, and mana buff. The problem is I don’t like Li Xiu in the corner because she’s amazing on the frontline with her mana suppression.

So, what do you guys think I should do??


Hi. I may have some points to say.

First of all, Li Xiu is your tank, not Colen. She has more defense and the average mana will stop your enemies from firing super all the time. By the time Colen fires as tank, he’ll be dead.
Second point, if you are thinking about debuff, keep Belith instead of Tyrum. She will debuff healing, while Tyrum vs a riposte will be hit back before debuffing.
This will also help you with the doubt about keeping only Kiril as a healer.

I would put your defense team with Belith - Kiril - Li Xiu - Colen - Balthazar

Yes the healers and debuffers first because the AI fires special from left to right and keep the 4* at center because they can take more hits.

You should focus on trying Caedmon and a purple healer (Rigard or Sabina), to fill your 4* team. In case you get Melendor as green he will be a perfect replacement for Belith. But then you don’t need another healer (someone has to kill right?)

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I like your first set up. Agree with Luiz on Colen. Am wondering LiXiu vs Kiril for tank, though I like LiXiu’s mana reduction.

As you get higher in cups and face better offenses, the more healers on your defense, the more of a “bye” you are to the offenses and easy to kill. Multi-healer works great until it doesn’t (helpful I know), which is right around the time where people start having multiple 70s in each color as well as a variety of specials (debuffer, cleaner, dispeller, etc).

Ah, thanks, guys. I’ll try to switch Li Xiu and Colen. @Dante, currently I’m in the 1400 cup range so I’m not too worried (and also I just don’t have better heroes except for more 3 stars and their specials aren’t maxed), but that is good insight that I will take into account later on. :slight_smile:

For Alliance wars you can get away with it as you have the arrows hitting for damage, but in regular raids, you can just save up your specials, target the 1-2 offensive heroes at a time, and then they are left with a bunch of healers and slash attacks.

Here’s an example

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Should I work on leveling a single target hero like Berden to replace Belith? Then maybe I can put in Tyrum in for the debuff and Berden on both corners?