Another CRAP war chest

I feel your pain…it’s been months since I received a single 4* ascension item from something other than the rare quest. I also skip ahead to multiple chests daily and get an elemental chest every 1-2 weeks, as well as getting regular A and A+ scores on all Titans. It’s extremely depressing to say the least, I really wish I could be rewarded for playing the game and doing well in it, rather than having to wait for “epic” deals to come along so that I can buy the materials I need.

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This doesn’t prove anything.

Just that random is random xD and of course that is nothing.

I get nothing on all three accounts, not even a lame 3 star ascension item…wooo i get 1 costume key and a xouple of silver tokens - complete ##%&$ every time

And i am getting tired of it - why win wars if you get nothing

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If you want to be heard, if you want change, you gotta vote.

Yes I voted for this already.

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That was the best loot on my three accounts in last war…complete &$%
And happens everybwar

I think the loot is fine as it is


Compare yours to mine and see why mine is #$&$#

Yesterday, I finished Titian as top2, got a wooden shield, opened the 5-Titan-Wanted-Chest, got a wooden sword. Super! I have a shield and a sword, can start my practice now!

Today, I stopped using any battle item in Titan hunting, finished as top12, maybe? Can’t remember. I got a ring…

Then I opened the war chest (100% participation), I guess you guys know the answer…


How’s the practice going now? :rofl:

In spite of the fact that my war chests are usually fairly generous, I absolutely believe that some of yours are crap.

I stopped worrying about raids a while back because my raid chests were mostly crap.

On the other hand, I regularly get very nice rewards from Mystic Visions.

Someone else on here posted that they mostly get good loot from raid chests, and total crap from Mystic Visions.

I believe them. But I also believe what I see in my own loot, and my own loot results do not match theirs.

That is the problem with all the loot being RNG based. One person can fill a chest, get 3 unfarmable mats, 50 emblems and 3 EHTs and say “this looks pretty good to me.” Another player can fill an identical chest and get tall boots and 3 common summon coins.

What did these two players do differently? Nothing. Did one of them “work harder” than the other?
Nope. “It’s just RNG”.

Seems like such a silly, completely ridiculous reward system when you think about it, doesn’t it?


I didn’t post that, but this matches me! I just got a Tome from a raid chest. Mystic vision always sucks.

I have gotten tomes from MV. I have gotten rings from MV. I have gotten Damascus blades from MV. I have gotten 20+ emblems from MV.

Apparently raid chests love you and hate me. MV loves me and hates you.

Also, I play multiple accounts in the game. Oftentimes, on the exact same titan, my main will score an A or A+ and get zero unfarmables. One of my alts will score a B or C and get two unfarmables.

There doesn’t appear to be any rhyme or reason to any of it.

Just happened to me today, in fact. Last titan, my main scored an A. Got nothing of value.

One of my alts (scored either a B or C, don’t remember exactly) picked up not one, but two warm capes.

Shouldn’t the player with the higher score get the better loot?

Not necessarily, RNG says. It’s all random.

So then what is the point of trying harder?

Shhh, don’t ask such questions. Don’t worry about it. Your loot will be what it will be. Go to sleep now, child.

I posted what I got in the last 2 weeks, which is pretty much what I’ve been getting for months. For MV, I get at best a handful of gems (< 3), and a few emblems. Usually, a gem and minor mana/healing potion, arrows. Basically, it’s not even worth the effort to click on the MV.

I remember getting AM from MVs, but that’s over a year ago. It hasn’t been generous at all.

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I’m sorry that yours haven’t been good.

Majority of mine aren’t very good either. But still, even when they’re bad, 30 seconds for a couple of gems is not too shabby (might not seem like much if you’re swimming in gems, but I don’t know of any other game source that gives out that many gems per minute for free).

And also I still regularly do get ascension mats from MVs. Not all the time, but often enough to make it worth my while to click on the thing and ignore my phone for 30 seconds. :grin:

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Actually, I made the transition to this phase… I’ve had a terrible drought for 3 months - not a single 4* asc mat from any RNG source. And there were many, many chances. I’ve got 2 since then… But honestly, I don’t expect anything, anymore. I know it can easily happen that I don’t get any for months… So, it is what it is. If I knew what to do to improve it except crying in the forum, I would do that. :joy:


Oh, I remember getting things like darts and 4* AMs, but it’s been at least a year since I’ve even gotten non-farmable 3*.
I try to be diligent at hitting it at the 8 hr mark, but given the crap I get, it’s not even worth the effort. Not to mention the fact that lately, I get those “Learn More” ads which don’t give you anything, so you have to restart the game and replay the mystic vision.
Is it worth a couple of minutes for a gem? Maybe, maybe not.

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I don’t know of any way to improve loot from any source. I have tried many of the voodoo tricks, with no success. Basically you just sit and wait, and RNGesus will give you mats when he feels like it.

That is some really bad luck on your part. Perhaps for some reason the game has decided to intentionally not reward you for watching MVs?

There is after all a conspiracy theory… errr never mind. I probably shouldn’t even go there, I believe people have gotten into trouble for discussing it.

For me, a couple of minutes for a gem is worth it. Because I don’t spend anymore, so I’m not going to get gems anywhere else.

Maybe that’s why the MVs reward me. Because the game knows that all I’m good for is ad revenue. :laughing: