Another CRAP war chest

I just got a warm cape, and junk in a full war chest.
I KNOW FOR A FACT that needed ascension items used to drop WAY better and faster.
It is time SG takes the BS drops and fix them. I am NOT asking for more than the older players got, JUST that we receive them as routinely as they did. You people just want to try to force us to BUY them. You make it where newer players have LITTLE HOPE of getting anywhere close to a 5* team for over a year with out spending. And that crap of you can earn enough to fully level a rainbow 5* in a year is BS, as MOST can not beat the events to get the items. I am NOT complaining for myself I spend money (too much), i have 15 5*s and I can beat the events. I am complaining for the F2P & C2P that can not beat them. I am the guy that pulls for the little guys and want to see them have fun and grow not continually get their heads beat in. I do NOT think they should not spend their time farming and paying their dues, because they SHOULD. As we all have. But lets get a bit more fair on the earned stuff like titan chests, hero chests and such. anything that takes 5 or more beats to fill should be a better payoff than the easy ones, monster chest I am looking at you. EVERY one KNOWS these drop rates are STUPIDLY low. The only people who like that are the ones that have massive teams now with full hordes of ascension items NOW and want to stay kings and queens of the game.
PLEASE SG you just made hundreds of $millions. You can now loosen up the items a bit in EARNED parts of the game.
And to the little guys I say KEEP on farming and working your tails off.
To the new players this game ROCKS and I LOVE it. You will also I bet.
@Rigs my friend we have had different views before and may again. But you also know I am right that items do NOT come like they did. Yes I know there are more ways to get them BUT not for the newer players. PLEASE if players like you would speak up more as to the way the weakers are treated MAYBE something might change a tad. You are a GREAT ambassador of our game, and even if we disagree on things i 100% trust your want to help people get better.
Again newer and weaker players keep on farming and working hard it WILL come and your team will get BETTER. If you ever need help please dont hesitate to ask in here as about everyone will try to steer you onto the right path.
Rohn Gordon (Rohn’s war zone)


All is random. This is mine from minutes ago.

I also got crap other times… RNG can be a ■■■■■ xD.

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Random yes, coded to show less more than likely.
I know how random works. I also know that there is a reason the drops have changed drastically

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And the items show up for money


I am myself IT manager and chief developer and i have programmed quiet a bit with seeds and pseusdorandom calls.

Believe me, random is random, and with big numbers and over a big population, if u take the most imbalanced people of that population you would go nuts, but that is the nature of random.

If you get 10 100 in a row never complain but when they are 10 1 then…

In any case, what maybe is needed is to code something to avoid extremes, so we cut at 5 - 95 and have a more uniform distribution, but that is another topic.


So instead of ZERO chances on mats (because earlier there was no war-chest) we now have two rolls for mats with the chest.

So you‘re complaining on two extra chances.

People love seeing and spreading negativity. Sometimes it would be healthier to see the positive aspects in the game.


I would be happy with the warm cape! I sure my last rewards weren’t that nice.

Better luck next time for both of us!


That was my first reaction too! Maybe my expectations are too low but I’d be thrilled with getting a warm cape.


Well…thanks for the compliment
(although i dont consider myself any of those things, I’m just a guy with opinions that likes the game)

the war chest is an improvement over not having one at all. Including 1 4* would be nice, idk if it would be enough to really improve the speed of progress for new or low budget players, and idk what kind of negative impact it would have on the game.

As far as the “less than they used to” comment, you’ll have to define a time frame of some sort

I could bounce ideas around all day to increase the speed of progress for newer players but they would each derail the thread and just get bashed by my “followers” anyways lol

Sorry your chest was disappointing, i wish you had got something better. I also wish i had got that cape as i could really use it instead, i have more orbs than i need.

I appreciate the shoutout and you’d have to remind me of what differences we’ve had in the past(in case you dont know, I’m not exactly mr popular), but regardless i hope some good comes from this thread


Below is the response I got from RNGesus to my pleas of a damascus blade or 3…


LMAO that is a great of the RNG lol.
Rigs you are wrong about not being mr popular

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@ Rigs I can not find the 1 I was looking for Rigs but a long time player said that chests used to contain epic hero and or troop in most every single 1. I have seen many say there was LESS ways to get 3* and 4* ascension items BUT that they came almost every time.
I have seen change in my 9 months of play, BOTH GOOD and bad. The 4* items have slowed more now with the increase in money specials.

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The tokens seem to appear more often when a new player first starts playing then gradually slow down after that(general consensus and not my theory and still unproven)

3* items i feel are rather common but without data collecting it’s just a matter of opinion

I will agree that it’s uncommon for me to pull a 4* mat from a chest or mystic vision or titan. Seems i get lucky a couple times a month, but without data collecting then it’s still just opinion without any ground to stand on

Maybe start a line group for data trackers that only focuses on 3 and 4* mats

Have them screenshot each mat they get and label where it came from

Save the screenshots to different albums

Then at a set routine interval input the data into a spreadsheet and punch the numbers

Figure it would probably take 100 to 200 at least 90 days of non stop tracking to really get an idea of our odds on loot drops(probably even longer for elemental chests/rare titans)

Would still be variables involved to take into consideration or try to eliminate

As far as detecting decrease in drops from past to now and proving it, we’re screwed. Without any data, it’s simply opinion and SG along with the players will just see it as another rant/complaint

I would love to get more mats. The chests are underwhelming. I did notice only resources+gems in monster chests becoming more common since july.

But there’s no way for me to have a leg to stand on

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The only one I know absolutely for certain has been downgraded (for me, at least, 18 months in) is the elemental chests. Up until early in the summer I would get AT LEAST one epic hero token in each elemental. I have not received a single one since. Literally not one in probably a dozen elemental chests. Is this because they scale it back as you increase level? I don’t know, maybe. But it is absolutely undeniable and it is not simply random chance. There is no way I spent 9 or 10 months getting a specific item in every single one only to have it randomly disappear for the next 9 months. It is on purpose.

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I’ve been increasingly frustrated that the Elemental Chest Loot, then Titan Chest loot was changed to include lower-end ascension items. Based upon the rarity, it was frustrating to have these be no better than a standard daily chest. But whatever.

War chests were supposed to be better, takes a whole alliance and measures performance. 100% gets better loot and… until this past chest, it’s been decent… Whether it was only RNG that was giving me decent loot, I don’t know.

Now, based upon my most recent war chest, it would appear that even for a 100% participation, the war chest loot includes the 3* loot like battle manual and boots. I got both of these things and no non-farmable ascension items beyond a few emblems.

I think this is pretty terrible. I felt the need to gripe.

I’m done now.


I just opened a 100% participation chest with no rare items and only a Rare Troop token as unfarmable. Pretty disappointing. I’m beginning to think that opting out of the wars I don’t like won’t really cost me anything. It’s very hard to convince 29 other people as a leader to use all flags every war when the rewards are not in line with the effort.


It’s been long enough that I can’t remember the last time I got a decent war chest…and I am always at 100% participation…….well over a couple of months…

Then today, an orb, three tokens, 6 loot tix, 30 rogue emblems, plus a trainer, gems, atlantis coins and some other lower tier items………

Now another long wait…….but it finally happened! And on the same day, rings from MV!

I feel like I was transported to some E & P alternative parallel universe!



I was really trying not to be negative, but that was exceptionally frustrating.

I didn’t like war at first but have come around to enjoy it, except (of course) the un-fun health bonus. So I suffer through 1/3 of the wars, make sure that I am attentive to get all 6 of my flags in… put my time in, build my team, stack my heroes, motivate my alliance mates…

and… I even accept that actual “war loot” will follow the trend of RNG titan loot, but the war chest itself was supposed to be higher-tier no matter what. ffs.

nope. I don’t know if I’m opting out… yet.

but certainly deflated.


Don’t give up… I got a damascus blade in an ordinary hero chest today (after taking forever to fill that chest — the RNG really didn’t want me to get through to the reward…)

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i got a damascus blade in my monster chest today.

but that has no bearing on the fact that the war chest was billed as premium loot and my fortune has shown that the RNG includes ‘farmable’ ascension materials, which is greatly frustrating, given the dedication and difficulty of filling a war chest.


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