Another Choice question

I currently have Athena, Marjana, Vivica, Lianna, Sartana as my line up.

I have Khiona, Greg, and Evelyn at 3/70. I am one mat away from Greg or Evelyn, and 2 mats away from Khiona. Would you recommend Greg or Evelyn next and would you replace any in my line up with these 3?

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I’ve no idea, but what a treasure trove to pick from!

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I would say Evelyn over Greg but as far as replacing someone I am in the same boat as Jonah.

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Evelyn first over Greg. I’d leave your defense as it is though, unless you wanted to trade Sartana for khiona to buff Marjana’s hit a little. Also isn’t Athena average mana? Maybe she’s better in left flank instead of wing.

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I would do Evelyn over Greg personally. I’d maybe trade out Sartana for Khiona when you need an attack buffer; she’ll be great for Titans (especially for yellow, but also if you need a fill-in color for blue/green/red titans)

For defense, I would do:



Attack team and defense team are usually different. I like @RandaPandah’s defense layout. On offense, I would tend to run Evelyn +Lianna and other heroes to suit the defense. That duo will kill any hero in the game with 8 green tiles.

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Evelyn without another green hero to take advantage is kind of a waste. Keep Lianna on defense.

Ideally, yeah, you’d want another green in there, but that doesn’t always work out very well on defense unless it’s set-up correctly. She still dispels buffs and hits three targets pretty hard, and has her own undispellable life-link. Personally, I’d rather have a dispeller in there over another sniper, but that’s just me. Lianna could definitely be put in instead of Evelyn if dispelling isn’t a priority.

I forgot about her dispel…good point. I could go either way I think.

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