Another chest complaint

This is now for the Titan chest

For a chest that takes at least 5 days to do this is again straight garbage


Sadly, no premium in the titan chest. It seems to be on the same luck scale as monster and raid chests in terms of what you get, color based monster chests excluded of course (those rewards are always great).

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Grammar police #allchestsmatter


It is possible to get premium loot from a generic Wanted Chest (pic is from this week)

but still really rare. you are lucky.

True, it’s my third one. If only I could get Damascus Blades! :grin:

i just hit a great reward from a chest today. fine gloves, 2 summons, 1 epic troop summon, 40 gems, a flask, a trainer, and a few other little things.
and yesterday i got some awesome rewards from the 5* we dropped.
its like the RNG gods decided to smile on me for a change.

@rook i believe the fists of fury deal going on has a damascus blade in it.

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u realize u opened an elemental chest, those things always give u good loot,

im talking about regular chests

yeah, it was elemental, but thats the first time i got any good ascension type items from one so i’m pretty happy.

but, yeah, regular chests have real low chances for anything worth it. this game in general has low chances for good rewards in pretty much everything.

As I’ve said elsewhere, I see goodies come from some corner of the game always…if not from Wanted chests, then Titan loot, or Rare quests or even that sneaky Mystic Vision (that seems to have temporarily dried up on me).

It takes time, but it comes. :wink:

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Here are monster chest from yesterday and mystic vision rewards from today and this has been going on for few weeks now :cry::sob:

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That looks like the chest i get ronin lol

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Lol. You guys keep posting every chest you get. That’s how most of them are: iron and food with a few gems. occasionally it gives you something else as a nice bonus.



Just keep grinding - they will come. For the love of the game :slight_smile:

I get chest that is not good it is like gambling
You take a chance at working for the jackpot
Then get crushed in the end.
It is all about luck

The wanted chests are just little completion bonuses. Occasionally they give you something good, but mostly just misc things like food, iron, a few gems.

These are rare, but they DO happen. :wink: