Another chance?

I do not know if it will be another chance, but it took me a while to fix a detail. Titan, yellow for example, I put Wu and 4 bruises, charge wu and attack, 3 blues stun, 3 reds, 2 fall one fails, 4 purple fail all four and again and again. I just happened in 2 attacks, each one had no less than 14 or 15 purple chips and almost all failed. Look if the color fails more times than others.

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I’m having a problem with after using a hero special, they die?!? Is ANYBODY else having this?? Very fusterating…

RNG got you this time I suppose. There’s nothing wrong with Wu. Sometimes tiles miss more and sometimes they all hit.

Please specify your problem. Was perfect riposte applied on any of your opponent’s heroes and that’s why your heroes died after attacking? Or maybe your heroes had a damage over turn special applied.

No, no buffs were applied to either hero or enemy, no perfect riposte, ¼ life left on my hero….I used the special attack and my hero would die after completing the attack. I will keep an eye on this, thanks for the inqury…

Yes, awesome play, I use the same tactic …my issue seems to better…it only happened once. I dont see the issue, now I only see it on scarlett? No bugs or spells, although its after I cleared all with with Rigard, she seems to get “wacked”…sorry I’m from NY…lol

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