Another Challenge Festival?

Will this challenge festival come around again with more costumes? I have enough gems for a 10 pull but was hoping for a BK costume. I know I fought against him but that is obviously not available in the summons.

I thought I read in a previous post that these challenge events are all being retired and this is the last shot at summoning these heroes. Looking at the portal though it seems this festival will come around again.

Would love some clarification since this will determine the timing on my 10 pull. Super C2P so those gems are invested very strategically;)

They already made costume for other 5* so it will come back for sure with more, most likely it will rotate with other challenge events.

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There were 7 more costumes tested in Beta

They will arrive later.

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The old challenge events got retired. Last month Guardians of Teltoc was the last. The Challenge Festival replaces the old challenge events. This one is not retired. On the contrary, it is a new challenge event that joins the rotation.

So presumably, every 5 months.

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Yes, maybe every 4-6 months (4 if no new challange events introduced, but I am expecting two more for the missing reflected elements, but maybe only 1 will arrive before the next Festival event arrives)

The tokens will have to turn into hexagons, then! But you’re probably right there.

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