Another BS. time stop

How come this potion doesn’t work on ninjas? They suppose to lose 100% mana but they lose ony one layer of full mana. To me 100% mean and always will be FULL mana. If they have 3 stacks of mana 100% means they suppose to lose ALL mana not just one layer. Another BS.


If they have 200%,
You’ll take away half;
That leaves 100%,
The ninjas will laugh.

If beyond the 2x charge,
Is the mana bar you see;
The only way to take it all,
Is with Time Stops Three.


Thats not true. Potion says 100% mana. It doesn’t say one layer of mana. It doesn’t matter how many layers of mana they have, it’s stil a MANA.


It doesn’t say enemies lose 200% mana.
Or enemies lose 300% mana.

Which is what these ninjas can collect…

So… -100%…

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The way numbers work,
Is an interesting thing;
The mana still lurks,
Even if Time Stops you bring.

Can be more than one,
This is definitely true;
Because adding one,
Will result in number two.

The same with percents,
Which work the exact same way;
It makes total sense,
Double and triple away.

'Cause if I have five,
Then double it up to ten;
What percent doth arrive?
Divide add two zeroes then.

Ten slash five is two,
Adding both of my zeroes;
Look at what they do!
Two hundred percent heroes.

Mana reducer,
Is still not going to do;
Cut twenty percent,
With a special from Li Xiu.

And then you will see,
If the mana bar was doubled;
The special still be,
Ready to cause you trouble.

Mana special is nice,
Just know it might not delay;
A hero charged twice,
Keep this in mind as you play.

The lesson is learnt,
I’m sorry that the way was hard;
I’m sorry you got burnt,
But, I hope you pull a ninja card.


Potion says 100% mana. Card says 100% / 200% / 300% mana for the layers. Seems to be working as intended. Maybe not how you would like but as intended.


Mama is still mana. If something says you lose all mana it DOESN’T mater how much mana you have. You lose it all and always. Because it call mana. Absolutely doesn’t matter you have 100,200,300%,because it still only mana. So you have lose all mana regardless on amount.

I’m not making my point so well in poem, so let me try it a different way:

ITEM: Time Stop

DESCRIPTION: All enemies lose 100% mana and have their normal attack delayed by 3 turns.


PARTIAL DESCRIPTION: Special Skill has a different effect when charged with 100%/200%/300% mana.

The problem here is that you’re thinking the mana should be a variable quantity and it’s a fixed quantity.

For example, if I have $100 and I get another $100, then I have doubled my money to $200, which is 200%.

Money is a variable quantity. That means that if you take away 100% of my $200, I will then have $0. That is absolutely correct.

However, the game is using a full mana bar as a fixed quantity.

One full mana bar = 100%.

If we use the $100 as a fixed quantity, then we will always be dealing in percentages of $100. If I have 300% of this quantity, then I will have $300. However, if you take away 100% of $100, I will still be left with $200.

Anyway, nothing about the Time Stop says you lose, “ALL mana,” it says you lose 100% mana. Essentially, it refers to 100% of a full mana bar.


One other thing:

The game has ALWAYS treated a mana bar as a fixed quantity; it is not different for the ninjas.

For example, Li Xiu’s special takes away 20% of a mana bar, regardless of how much mana an opposing hero actually has. In other words, if a hero has 50% of a mana bar, then they will have 30% of a mana bar after Li Xiu fires.

If instead Li Xiu only took away 20% of the mana that the 50% hero ACTUALLY HAS, then the hero would effectively lose 10% mana relative to the mana bar and be left with 40% mana. This is because 20% of 50% is 10%…but again, the game doesn’t work that way.

But, the full mana bar is a fixed quantity of mana, not a variable one.

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Ok so. In your logic. There is a hero with mana gain prevention. Dont now the name. So this skil suppose to prevent mana gain BUT only one stage of mana. Other stages suppose to gain mana as normal till this hero does use his skill again. Right? So instead of gaining 3 layers with this mana prevention debuff they suppose to gain only 2 stages. Right? Gggggggg

You’re dealing with an entirely different percentage in your question.

Heroes default to gaining a certain percentage of mana at a certain rate, which is the mana gain, “Speed.”

When determining how many tiles (and under what circumstances) it will take to fully fill a mana bar, it doesn’t actually come out to an exact calculation. It seems like it does, but it doesn’t, because most heroes cannot hold more than 100% mana…so any small amount of overage is just lost.

The difference with these heroes is that they can hold more than 100% mana, but not more than 300%, so the 300% special (if the hero is on defense) will automatically fire at the next available time as with any other hero who is at 100%.

When a hero casts an effect that slows down mana (and there are quite a few who do this) that just means that the contribution to the mana bar from tiles is reduced by that percentage.

For a simple example: Let’s pretend that hitting a defense hero with five tiles will fill exactly 50% of the mana bar:

If I have a hero that slows the rate of mana gain by 50%, then those five tiles will result in the hero gaining 25% of a mana bar…but the mana bar itself is not changed…only the amount of mana a hero actually receives has been changed.

In other words, using such a hero on a Ninja hero will always result in the Ninja hero gaining 25% of that mana bar…all other things equal. It wouldn’t matter what the Ninja’s current mana bar status is. It’s a totally different calculation and metric.

For proof that it does not change the mana bar itself…if one of these mana slow heroes hits you when you are on a quest, but then you use a 25% mana potion, your mana bar will still go up 25%.

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And 100% is still 100%, not 300%.

But hey, if you think it’s such a major issue then file a bug report. We’re all just players here with very little influence over the game direction … apparently.


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