Another blue ascension question

I had the board as stacked as I could get it and it was still a disaster with mana pots… It’s like the animations from the first tiles just erased all the following tiles… A blue diamond coupled with 12 Wu and Jott enhanced tiles scored my just 22,000 for the hit. I could have used a three star blue mono team for better damage. I just gave up on him after 3 titan disaster hits… I’m not short of dragon bones but using him even if I can get him to work he is just way too resource hungry.

Sorry, but I just don’t agree. Out of 6 uses (3 at 3/60 yielded one 85,000 hit, 3 with a maxed Jott couldn’t crack 25,000). I would have been better off with Melia and a Nordri and healing pots.

Um, nope. The math just isn’t with you on it. Especially if you are taking a yellow to a red Titan…LOL. Maybe you are firing Jott when there is no blue tiles on the board? Continue NOT using Jott against red Titans…you do you.

That would be fairly pointless as he only affects blue tiles that are actually on the board. I’ll just wait until I can enact my original plan.

Well… not every hero suits everyone’s play style, of course, and I’m sorry Jott doesn’t work for yours. But please accept that those here who suggested Jott to you were acting on their sincere opinion/experience. I for one find Jott great for my purposes, boards permitting of course. On the other hand one Grimm is quite enough.


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