Another Bane?

I have been unfortunate to pull 2 other Banes and Gan Ju. All yellows. I have leveled two Banes and my only team now is Bane/Kailani/Hawkmoon/Bane/Layla.

Should I level Bane no 3?

I also pulled LJ but he is a 4*

Level the 4* first …

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Bane is really good 3*, if you have nothing else to do max another one, 4 maxed Banes will be usefull in events

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I won’t be able to max the 4* due to the materials?

its entirely up to u , Bane was my 1st best hero forever

Bane N 3 may be useful at some point in the future.

However you have too many yellows which is not the best starting option.

IMO every beginner player should assemble a strong rainbow team ASAP (one of each color). Strong meaning 3* or higher, which sadly excludes Layla (you may still use her for now).

In that sense Little John is a great leveling target since he will be very useful even as a 3/60, to which point you should be able to bring him easily. And he will be the strongest of your current heroes.

But you should really focus on training or pulling a purple and blue hero of 3* or higher. Training Camp level 12 or 13 will give you such heroes. The quicker but more expensive option is pulling once from each corresponding Elemental Portal.


I have 2 Banes maxed, including their costume version. I am contemplating of removing one Bane by making a feeder out of him to my current heroes being leveled. I find Poppy of S4 far far superior. If you want other 3* yellows, go get Poppy, or perhaps Agnes, Kvasir, Pixie or Kailani with costume.

I am working on my TC´s to get them to 12/13. I will work on LJ for as far as I can take him. Hopefully I will get other heroes. I did get Hawkmoon. Thanks.

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